Investing is a great idea for a population that wants to improve their financial situation and social status. Usually, investment refers to spending your money or savings on something fruitful. It should be able to multiply your savings letting you be happy and content about the returns. What everyone wants is cash and it is undoubtedly the safest option. But the drawback of securing only money and relying completely on it is that it doesn’t grow with time, provided you haven’t invested it in secured​ deposits. Even in secured deposits, such as FDs, it won’t grow at a much faster pace. So, what to do? How to grow your precious wealth? Simple. Invest in something worthwhile​. 

There are various investment options that you can consider to help you grow your income and money. Here in this article, we shall enlist all the options that play an important role in enhancing your income and are simply the best for your investment purposes. 

Best Investment Options

While to get benefits and to get huge returns on your accumulated wealth, it is very essential to invest your money somewhere. This will help you in growing your money at a much faster pace than safety deposits. Given below are some investment opportunities which you can rely upon, although some might be risky and prone to market fluctuations-

Direct Equity

Investing in stocks may not be suitable for everyone as it is a variable asset class and does not have a guaranteed return. In addition, choosing the right tape is not only difficult but also difficult at the time of entry and exit. The only advantage is that, in the long run, equity can achieve higher inflation-adjusted returns than other asset classes. At the same time, there is a high risk of losing most or all of your capital if you do not choose the Stop Loss method to reduce your losses. In the case of a stop loss, you place an initial order to sell the stock at a specific price. You can diversify your sectors and market capitalization to reduce your risk to some extent. To invest directly in stocks, you need to open a direct debit account.

Equity Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a trust that raises funds from other investors for the same investment purpose. Later it invests its money in stocks, bonds, short-term financial instruments, and/or other securities. Each investor owns shares in a mutual investment fund. The income/earnings from these collective investments are prorated to the investors after deducting certain expenses based on the “Net Asset Value or NAV” of the mutual fund. Mutual Funds may seem to be risky or dangerous, but they are not. Basically, it is the money pooled by a group of people for a common purpose. Even though many investors are benefitted from this type of investment, it can not be denied that many people are also negatively affected by the fluctuations of the financial market by investing in mutual funds. 

Bank Fixed Deposits

Banks have always occupied a very special place in Everyone’s life for securing money and to get the best out of your income. Fixed Deposit (FD) is a financial product provided by a bank or NBFC that provides investors with a higher interest rate than conventional deposits to maturity. Some banks may offer additional services to FD holders, such as FD certificate loans at a competitive interest rate to their users. It is one of the safest ways to secure your income.

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Real Estate

There are many benefits to investing in real estate. With a good selection of assets, investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, excellent returns, tax breaks, and diversification, and use real estate to create wealth. Real estate investors earn their money from rental income, capital gains, and profits from commercial activities related to real estate. The benefits of investing in real estate include residual income, stable cash flow, tax breaks, diversification, and leverage. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) provide the ability to invest in real estate without having to own, manage or finance it.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

  • Secured Income​ and Monthly Rental Yields- By investing in commercial real estate, investors receive long-term stable returns. The growing demand for investment in commercial real estate is based on the possibility of high returns. This helps the person in getting a stable and long-term income source without fairing about anything.
  • Building Up of a Strong Portfolio- Finding a good commercial property also builds a strong portfolio for your business to reinforce your brand identity and assets.  

About the Author: Yield Asset

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