What to Look for When Buying a Watch for Women

Ladies are always specific about the details when it comes to dressing for any occasion. Timepiece helps add personality and style by elevating your look. There are different types of watches available specifically for ladies. There are brands that design watches capturing the perfect mix of refined timelessness and on-the-go functionality. Watches can be strapped in leather, in faceted crystals, with striking steel or anything in-between. Watchmaking has entered into the era of contemporary and quite complex watches for women.

Women can choose from a range of mechanical watches, chronographs and much more. Brands are continuously upgrading their models and combining function with fashion such as Casio ladies watches.

Things to Look for When Buying an Affordable Watch for Women

Designer or Classic watch:

Buying a well-known expensive brand should not be the agenda. Instead, look for a watch that is well made according to your preference and have high quality. You might not like high-end luxury watches or not even need them, or maybe not all designer watches are bad, just like Calvin Klein watches. Then there are digital watches for women too. Although, it is important to take care of all kinds of watches.

Style of the Watch:

Style and shop of the watch are important for women. The classic shape continues to be round but some women prefer to choose masculine square shared watches. Other than that, rectangular-shaped watches are chic and curvy or other extraordinary shape watches can certainly make eye-catching lines. There are different types of watches for women varying from casual or daily wear to more functional timepieces like sports watches. Then there are watches with jewels that feature gold or platinum, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and other gems and semi-precious metals. These jewellery watches can be pricey and can have exclusive designs and appearances. Apart from all these, there are fashion watches that are trendy and can be used as both casual and for formal occasions.

Size of the dial:

Women’s wrist is smaller as compared to men’s in circumference. The diameter of the watch dials depends upon the style of the watch, whether it is a jewellery watch, daily wear or a special occasion watch. Usually, casual watches tend to have larger dials, higher-end jewellery watches tend to have smaller ones. On the other hand, fashion watches may have from really small dials to outsized, huge-looking dials.

Movement of the watch:

While buying, the watch first thing to decide is whether to go with a mechanical watch or quartz. Traditionally mechanical watches are carefully engineered watches. However, they are not precise and may lose time. Whereas Quartz watches are more reliable, practical as well as requires less maintenance and are low cost. Most women tend to choose mechanical watches due to their tradition and craftsmanship.

Material, Strap and Design:

Look of the watch is crucially important to women. Watches with the shades like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and pink gold are much-loved by ladies. Stainless steel gives a more masculine look to the watch whereas ceramics are used in modern designs for women’s watches and are more practical to wear. A watch is like a piece of jewellery along with is functionally accentuate a women’s look. For women, buying a watch for a certain look or even for a certain outfit or event is perfectly acceptable. As every woman loves to create their own unique look and style. A watch whether elaborate or minimalist creates a distinctive look for the wearer.

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