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With a huge population, the emirate of Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates that include the UAE. Sharjah merges the atmosphere of a present-time, developing emirate with one of the Arab world’s most popular cultural centers. For emigrants relocating with kids, you should know about education and Sharjah international schools in the UAE. Expat kids can attend public and private schools in the UAE but must pay fees for both as government schools are only free for Emirate nationals. The UAE set great significance on its education system to develop its economy and business sector. Although government schools still divide male and female students and even have separate school hours for both, the quality of education for both genders is similar.

How Does the UAE Education Compare Internationally?

Education is described as a foundation of the vision for the UAE, and providing quality education is listed as goal number 4 in UAE’s sustainable development goals. The country’s aim is to provide all citizens with a thorough and equitable education as well as chances for lifelong learning. Considering these commendable and lifting goals, how does the real education delivery in the UAE compare with the rest of the world?

Education in the UAE is divided into two different sectors: i) The public sector (government schools), where the state provides and pays for the children of UAE nationals. ii) The private sector, open to both UAE nationals and kids of residents. UAE government schools follow the basic national module of the UAE. The private sector is notably more varied. The 3 most famous curricula are the IB curriculum, the Indian CBSE curriculum, followed by the CBSE schools in Sharjah, and the National Curriculum of England. Though government schools are free, private schools have attracted ever-increasing Emirate students. Making differentiation between the public & private sectors within the UAE can be a tough task, given the important differences in style, curricula, and resources.

The Schools

Undoubtedly, the UAE’s private schools are likely to have massive facilities and resources. The UAE’s education sector has enlarged significantly in recent times. With many new best schools in Sharjah, parents can exercise price points and quality to fulfill their expectations.

The Best Schools in Sharjah

There are 38 recognized Private schools in Sharjah. Despite its affluence and 21st-century benefits, Sharjah proudly keeps up a fame as a guardian of Arab tradition. The affluence of family-friendly residential areas in Sharjah has increased the need for quality nurseries and schools in the emirate. The best schools in Sharjah provide various curriculums like IB, American, British and CBSE, to serve the large community of ex-pats and families of Emirates living in Sharjah.

The Education System in the UAE

The MOE looks after the UAE education system at the associate level, including K – 12 and higher education. Furthermore, the emirates also have their local governing bodies:

  • Abu Dhabi: The Department of Education and Knowledge.
  • Dubai: The Dubai Education Council and Knowledge & Human Development Authority.
  • Sharjah: Sharjah Private Education Authority.

School is compulsory for every kid aged 6-18. This law includes ex-pat kids as well. Public schools and CBSE schools in Sharjah provide courses in Arabic and set importance on English as a second language. Parents wishing to have their children educated in the school system of their home country will have their choice of country-fixed institutions and various international schools.

What is Education Like in the UAE?

Before 2015, the UAE needed children to choose a scientific or literary system. In recent times, the UAE has set a new system of 4 streams:

  • General Stream: Every student begins their education in this stream. It includes a balance of arts, science modules and maths. When students leave this stream, they receive greater in maths and sciences.
  • Professional Stream: It is also called vocational stream. Students of class IX can pick this stream. Upon completing class XII, they will achieve an applied high school certificate similar to a technical high school certificate.
  • Advanced Stream: The only difference between advanced and general streams is the increased importance of maths and science courses.
  • Elite Stream: This is an advanced science program for academically excellent students. This stream takes admission of students from class VI till they complete class XII. The syllabus focuses on maths and science with specific attention to reasoning, analysis and problem-solving.

Summing Up

These are the most significant studies of 2022. Once you shift to the UAE, introduce yourself to other ex-pats who will help you find the best Sharjah International school, who have already settled and are part of the UAE community.

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