Register US Trademarks Directly From Israel

Your letter or letters, number or numbers, word or words, images, symbols or any combination thereof, can identify your goods and services to consumers and is your trademark. It heralds that your product or products have you behind them and that proves authenticity, quality and prevents confusion, once it is registered with the Trademarks Division of the Israel Patent Office.

When consumers see your trademark, it assures them of a quality product and its origins. Filing and registering the mark prevents confusion, fraud and counterfeit. If you register your mark in Israel, that protection is valid only on Israeli territory and not without.

You can register your US trademark in the United States, directly from Israel.

Bear in mind that a mark can be used and rightfully owned without registration. In Israel, there is a “first to use” rule and it can be proven, so before claiming a mark as your own, make sure it is not in use by any similar industry. It can be used by a different, unrelated business to your own. With that, you can also register a mark with no prior use or intent to use it.

A mark has to be cleared of any opposition and must not go against the rules and guidelines for marks that can be registered.

Israel and the Madrid Protocol

On May 31, 2010, the Government of Israel settled with the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This was its means to access the Madrid Protocol, Concerning the International Registration of Marks. The Madrid Protocol entered into force on September 1, 2010.

Israel’s membership in the Protocol facilitates registering US trademarks directly from Israel.

Filing Your Mark in the US
The first thing you will need is a top rate lawyer who is licensed both, in Israel and the United States. He will clear up any fog regarding costs and all necessary procedures. The application, of approximately 16 pages, will have to be filled carefully, with nothing left out. As the client, you can pay all costs in one set of fees, in local currency. Your lawyer will also know the latest rates, since they can change. Advocate David Page has a history of success, is licensed to practice law in both, Israel and the United States, with his practice in Jerusalem, Israel.

Your lawyer will take careful steps to make sure that the mark is not already in use in the United States, by a similar enterprise. You can register US trademarks directly from Israel.

Your trademark registration in the US will only be valid if filed by a licensed attorney.

Fees can vary, depending on the mark’s components. To list a few:
• black and white
• colors – each color can add a separate cost
• sound
• font/styling

What Rights Does Registration Give?
Registering a mark will give you the following rights:
• exclusive right to use and bear the mark
• leverage to face any opposition or conflicting
• oppose and cancel any conflicting registration
• legal standing to sue for any fraud or counterfeit, similar third party use
• you will be able to license other parties to use the mark
• you’ll be entitled to apply for seizure of any imported counterfeit goods by customs authorities
• damages for infringement

If you do it right, you only have to do it once. Register US trademarks directly from Israel.
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