Here’s Why You Should Use Sturdy & Robust Double Wall Boxes for Shipping

Packaging is, undeniably, one of the most important aspects of shipping almost anything. Here, choosing the most suitable box for shipment can be challenging. Especially if you are shipping delicate and fragile items, a little bit of research can take you a long way.

Double wall boxes are a preferred choice because they are robust and sturdy. These boxes can easily store as well as transport substantial loads, offering durability, strength, and versatility needed across different industries.

Most importantly, double wall boxes are the cheap storage boxes you want, which are equally resilient and environment-friendly.

Defining Double Wall Boxes

Double wall boxes are the hardiest packaging supplies. These boxes are more rugged compared to other moving boxes. Made of fluted paper sheets pressed between two liner paper sheets, these boxes are apt for packing all kinds of items. The outer and inner compartments of the boxes are made from a wide range of materials such as Kraft paper, recycled paper, or test paper. The type of paper used and the size of the flute determine the durability and strength of these boxes. These cheap storage boxes have two defined layers of fluted centre material instead of one, which makes them the most heavy-duty moving boxes.

Why Do You Need Double Wall Boxes?

Double wall boxes provide that extra support to packed products for a longer time span. It is the best packing supply for heavy products. It is also the right choice for shipping items to high or low temperatures. When any amount of additional protection is needed, these cheap storage boxes come in handy.

Besides being the most preferred moving boxes, these are extremely lightweight and incredibly cost-effective compared to industrial moving containers like steel drums. One of the best things about double wall boxes is that these are made from approximately 90% recycled materials, which ultimately contributes to the environment at large.

How Long Do Double Wall Boxes Last?

Double wall boxes may be cheap packing supplies but these are much stronger than any single-walled box. Moreover, these are more likely to last longer than single wall boxes.

Corrugated cardboard placed in twin layers lends durability and springiness to the boxes. As a result, it ensures that the boxes retain their shape even when thrown in the back of a carrier. Double wall box-es can take larger dents and bigger knocks. It also degrades much slower than the usual single wall boxes, which increases its overall lifespan.

Common Uses of Double Wall Boxes

Double wall box-es are incredibly versatile moving boxes. They are mainly used to store and transport solid goods, which essentially covers an array of products that can easily fit into the box.

Double wall box-es are designed to hold up to 30 kilograms, which includes fragile electronics, heavy tins containing frozen produce and paint, etc.

Whilst standard single wall moving boxes are tough, these are ideal for lightweight items that need not be stored for long, whereas double wall box-es can hold heavier items. These boxes are the perfect choice for carrying the following items:

  • Furniture, picture frames, interior décor
  • Fitness equipment like exercise machines and hand weights
  • Automotive components
  • Outsized power tools
  • Products kept in storage for several weeks and months
  • Carrying temperature-sensitive frozen food products, typically those stored in jars or cans
  • Electronic devices such as laptop
  • Hardcover books

Does The Choice of Moving Boxes Matter?

If you are wondering whether the choice of moving box matters, it really does. The consumer packaging industry depends largely on these boxes. In fact, both single and double wall box-es play important roles in the packaging sector respectively.

When you choose moving boxes, make sure your decision is aligned with the safety of the products inside. Before you pack something, choose the right kind of moving box that gives enough protection. A double box is just the right product for moderately heavy items that need extra care en-route. Having said that, it also gives you some peace of mind, as the items packed inside are safe until it reaches the consumer.

Double wall box-es are apt for shipping as it reduces the chances of excessive filler and product damage, thus keeping the operational expenses as well as the environmental impact very low.

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