Everything you Must Know Before Owning a Heliport

People choose to be private fliers for a wide range of reasons. It is an excellent and worthy investment if you spend about 300 hours annually in the air. Whether it is a private or personal business helicopter, some of the benefits you are bound to enjoy include time and cost savings in the long term, increased productivity, and client retention. You could also use the helicopter to run a charter business when flying less.

That said, it is also worth noting that owning a helicopter comes with significant financial responsibilities. For instance, it would make sense to own a heliport. So, if you are looking to own a heliport, whether through building or buying a home with one, here are the things you must keep in mind.

1. Location of the facility

This is among the most critical components of having a heliport. The facility can be located anywhere provided there is adequate space. In addition, helicopters are versatile, thanks to their vertical flight model. This makes it possible to accommodate them on docks, ground level, and even water surfaces.

The location of your heliport will therefore be determined chiefly by your real estate priorities and availability of air space. Whether it is on top of a building, boats, mining sites, or locations in the forest, the vital thing to keep in mind is accessibility. The heliport should be where it can be accessed. For instance, hospital aircraft can be located on top of a building or parking garage to be easily accessible for emergencies.

If you are looking to build a heliport on your property, ensure you are compliant with all the aviation structural requirements. It would help to collaborate with companies such as Signalight for your lighting solutions, among other partners that will support you in building a complete heliport.

2. Your heliport must have the right lights

Heliport facilities owners must install special lights designed for heliports or adapted for use in heliports. We are talking about perimeter lights, obstruction lights, floodlights and windsocks. Award-winning VISTA systems and heliport lighting manufacturers have a wide range of solutions for heliports.

Their products are being used in the Maaden gold mining heliport, among other projects. The manufacturers have a wide array of packages and you must identify what your heliport needs to get the best solution.

An important question to ask is the type of heliport you have. Is it surface level or elevated? If you have an answer for this, then the manufacturer will be better positioned to recommend the best solution for your needs.

Several lighting solutions use technologies like LED, cold cathode tubes, and fiber optic, to mention a few. Also, depending on accessibility to the electricity grid, you have options such as solar-powered light, battery-powered and electricity-powered lighting systems.

3. Minimum requirements for a heliport

Having a grasp of the requirements of a heliport will give you sight into the budget you are working with and help you remain compliant with the requirements set by the relevant authorities. Therefore, all heliports must include a Touchdown and Liftoff (TLOF) area centered in a Final Approach and Takeoff (FATO) area.

The other requirement is that the facility has a safe area and at least two departure paths. The Touchdown and Liftoff area must also be as wide as the rotator of the helicopter that will be using the facility. It must also be long enough to accommodate the rotator of the aircraft. If more than one helicopter uses the facility, the layout should accommodate them. For instance, the heliport must be as long and wide as the largest aircraft that will be using the facility.

4. The process of setting up a heliport

If you are buying a property with a heliport, then you should not have to worry much about the process of setting it up. However, if you are building it, you must comply with the heliport setup processes provided by the local authorities.

Worth noting is that the requirements vary with the jurisdiction; therefore, do adequate research for the correct information. Often, you have to start by conduction an airspace study by applying from the relevant authorities.

The local zoning department should also give you information on the local regulations and rules you must meet to get approval to proceed. Note that public involvement is required and you will have to go through rigorous technical planning.


Heliports consist of support facilities such as attendants, hangar and fuel. Like buying an aircraft, building a heliport can be expensive. There is, therefore, no room for errors as it will hurt pilot safety and set you back financially in the bid of correcting them.

Do your research and understand the requirements of building or owning a heliport.

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