Complete Buying Guide on How to Choose Floor Tiles

If you are looking to add a glamorous look to your kitchen you can think of putting tiles to your kitchen floor tiles. It’s always better to have a floor tile sample before buying floor tiles for your house. There is a wide variety of floor tiles available in all sizes, shapes, colour schemes, designs, and different kinds of glazed and unglazed finishes to add a deluxe look to your place. Floor tiles would be perfect for your home, as they are easier to install, durable, non-porous, easy to clean, stylish and available in higher quality material for best results. 

The complete Buying Guide on how to Choose Floor Tiles

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This is a complete guide on how to choose a perfect floor tile for your home. 

Floor Tiles Size

Floor tiles are available in various sizes. The size of floor tiles matters a lot, to give a perfect look to your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look overcrowded and it’s already small in size, then don’t opt for a smaller format tile size. If you want to make your kitchen look more spacious then go for large format tile sizes, which would help you make your kitchen look airy and much larger. 

  • Square Tile Size

The standard-sized tiles range from 2” – 12” which are square tiles. The square tiles are commonly larger and go up to 6’’. It’s easier to install square-shaped tiles, due to their larger size. 

  • Large Format Tile Size

Large format tile size is commonly up to 15’’, due to their larger size they are quite famous in their use. These lesser grout in your floor tiles are mostly easier to clean as well as easier to install them too. Moreover, by installing larger format tile size in your home especially in kitchen and bathroom areas you could make your place appear bigger than usual. 

  • Rectangle Tiles Size

Rectangle tile sizes come in a great variety of size options which range from 1” x 3” to 4” x 16”. These tiles are mostly used in subways, due to their larger format sizes. Rectangular tiles are massively popular, due to their larger format tiles which could be easily installed in the kitchen and bathrooms for best results. 

  • Mosaic Tiles Size

Mosaic tile size ranges from .5” – 2”, any small tiles. They are also available in small sizes, as they come in thin strips, circles, and squares. It’s a good idea to keep clean lines in the rest of the space, as these beautifully detailed tiles make it for a busy floor. 

The Shape of Floor Tiles

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The floor tiles come in various amazing shapes either they are traditional squares or a more adventurous designer shape of tiles. 

The shapes of the tiles are easily accessible in planks, subways/ rectangle tiles, circles, squares, and designers’ shapes. In the plank shapes which are becoming wider as the wide plank trend grows, they are shaped like a typical natural wood plank. 

The circular tiles are a great option for fun or a modern look. Circular tiles are installed in mosaic style, with a penny tile which are mostly rounded tiles and come in smaller sizes. The subway tiles are a staple of interior design which were based off rectangular tiles in early 1900s New York City. Subsequently, square tiles are easier to clean and are becoming much trendier day by day. While designers shape tiles come in pebble, chevron, herringbone, and hexagons tiles which are much trendier in interior design. Designer shape tiles come in a great variety with uniquely shaped tiles. 

  • Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned tiles come in a great variety with various creative patterns, bright colours, and various styles. One could also create a unique ‘patchwork’ kind of style with a blend of patterned floor tiles. Patterned floor tiles come in grid, staggered brick, herringbone, diagonal, basket weave and Versailles patterns. 

Finishes of Floor Tiles

To add an almost deluxe look to your kitchen or home floor tiles you require a great finish. The finish of floor tiles comes in unglazed, glazed, polished looks. 

  • Glazed Finish

The glazed finish is used to protect your tiles from unnecessary stains and moisture. Many people prefer an earthy, unglazed, and more natural look than most ceramic tiles which are glazed. We suggest using a textured tile if you plan to use a glazed tile in a kitchen, bathroom or water-prone area as glaze could cause these tiles to be more slippery when wet. 

  • Unglazed Finish

You can choose a more natural and earthy look with an unglazed finish. Go for an unglazed ceramic tile but unglazed tiles are not good for preventing liquid so glazed flooring is best for areas like the bathroom or kitchen. 

  • Polished Finish 

The polished finish includes granite, marble, and natural stones, to get a seamless polished surface go for a polished porcelain flooring tile. Polished finishes offer a sharper looking floor with less maintenance, and helps in protecting tiles from absorbing debris, water, or dirt. 

Take Away

This exclusive guide would help you in buying a perfect floor tile which would be stylish, durable, low maintenance, more affordable than stones, easy to clean and install.

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