What all do you have to know about the neuronavigation system?

Neuronavigation – Advanced technology for brain and spinal health

Neurociti Hospital and Diagnostics Centre Ludhiana, Neuronavigation is one of the updated technologies which allows checking the brain nerves & spinal cord. So, at the Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana, its use is highly beneficial in doing different sorts of surgeries and making sure everything is done effectively. In this article, you will be given information regarding neuronavigation and in which situation it is used.

What is neuronavigation?

Here the term navigation is the same as what is used in mobile phones and automobiles. Neuronavigation is the way of guiding the surgeon doing the treatment. The navigation is the way of telling which body parts to perform and the surrounding ones which should not be touched like the nerve and vascular structure. The use of this technology has allowed increasing the success level to a great extent be it for spinal cord surgery or brain nerve. So, this is the way of doing the surgery safely.

Which are the situations where neuronavigation is used?

Through the assistance of the Neurologist in Ludhiana the brain, nerve & spinal cord surgery can be performed. Here is the situation in which neuronavigation can be performed:

  • Brain tumor surgeries
  • Cerebral hemorrhage
  • AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation)cerebrovascular disease surgery
  • Parkinson’s or similar diseases with tremor, surgery where battery insertion is needed.
  • Spine surgeries and determination of the direction of the screws placed in the spine
  • Used for performing some orthopedic surgery

How is it beneficial to use the neuronavigation system?

Technological advancement is making it easier on finding the lesion shortly & safely. Moreover, the results of MRI & CT scans can be used which makes it easier to do the surgery. As the surgery is so precise and effective so there are several benefits which are possible to have through this system like:

  • Deep brain lesions get defined accurately
  • Tumor removal is precise
  • A small incision is used during surgery for bone & skin
  • Less use of blood
  • Operation time is limited
  • Hospital stay is less
  • Downtime is less

How to prepare for neuronavigation?

Well! The preparation method is not different from any other approach. The CT Scan and MR (ADvanced one) are opted for to do the surgery. Additionally, 3D images are taken to make sure surgery is done in the best manner and where exactly it is required. Being an advanced method it helps in doing the surgery with utmost ease and making sure the best of results are achieved. The 3D radiological examinations give a better view of the entire surface and allow the further necessary steps to be taken with utmost ease.

Get all the necessary information

If you are wondering what will happen next and how this improved technology can help your health, then schedule your initial consultation at Neuro Citi Hospital to make a difference in your health. The neurologist will guide you in detail on what to do next or any sort of necessary which has to be taken to get the necessary results. It’s important to get all the necessary answers from the neurologist to make this journey easier for you.

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