The Highest Quality PCB Manufacturing Service Within Canada and the US

With 40 years of stable growth, in an always evolving industry – Pcb Assembly has been sweeping clients off their feet and continues to do so ever since they started. Offering various services related to printed circuit boards, the team at Electronic Manufacturing Services has continued to ride the tide with powerful efficient and up to date equipment, offering low-to-medium sized volume projects. At Pcb Assembly, there is not an industry that they cannot service, some of the types of companies that have utilized the service include but are not limited to, industrial, healthcare, broadcast, agriculture, wearables, robotics, energy, transport, space and aerospace and so much more. When companies think innovation, evolution, and integration – there is a likelihood that a PCB would be present. Not only do printed circuit boards deliver sustainable and improved results within these industries. Healthcare for example, there is a constant pressure to develop and bring critical medical devices to market. Pcb Assembly plays a role in helping to develop mechanisms such as ventilators, first responder medical devices, wearable heart monitoring systems, medical imaging systems, lab automation, therapeutic laser technology and more. 

Electronic Manufacturing Services have been committed to the highest level of customer service and continue to review and implement new processes over time to meet and exceed customer expectations. In addition to PCB development, Pcb Assembly also provides logistic services to customers. Full-service logistics from basic storing of packages or skids to distribution of single units to any customers location including warranty, repair, and recall services. 

Check out the website at to read more about each service in-depth, and to learn about IPC training and certifications that are available for both private as well as group training seminars. Continuing to invest into people in the industry is crucial to company success, and Electronic Manufacturing Services is available to assist!

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