The Elegance of Banarasi saree

An Indian saree that gets quite praise and recognition globally is a Banarasi. It has been captivating bridal hearts for years, gradually becoming one of the beloved traditional Indian attires.

The history of Banarasi silk dates back to the Mughal era with intricate weaving and defining craftmanship. Although, the Banarasi saree that we wear today has a combination of both Mughal and Indian cultures.

Originally, the silk for these exclusive sarees was imported from China, making this Indian sari very expensive. But now, the silk is mainly sourced from the Southern parts of India.

This sari is of the most exquisite styles of sarees the country produces. Due to its rich embroidery work, it makes for the perfect wear for weddings, festivities and other ceremonies. Some of the common varieties of Bananrasi silk include organza, Brocades, Resham butidar, satin borders, cutwork, Tanchoi.

The embroideries are mainly motifs of florals, geometric patterns, human figures, birds, etc. Originally real gold and silver threads were used to make these sarees for royal families. But to make them more affordable, nowadays, alternative golden and silver colour threads are used. This famous Indian saree also boosts Persian motifs with stunning patterns woven on handloom.

There are so many varieties in Banarasi sarees that it is impossible to cover them all. There are variations in fabric, designs, threads, embroideries, etc.

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