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Looking for a full-service automotive repair centre that you can trust? The team at Emission Testing Waterloo has been a trusted provider for well over 30 years. A go to service centre that has been known to provide top notch service, at a reasonable price, staffed with highly skilled mechanics and technicians. Working progressively for decades has allowed the team at Brake Service Waterloo to grow substantially both from a business perspective and evolve with new and efficient techniques. Known locally as the car specialists, 60% of business comes from domestic cars and trucks, and 40% are imports. Emission Testing Waterloo knows and understands the value in ongoing training and is constantly staying up to date with learning and acquiring new ways to test automotive problems as cars become more sophisticated and electronically advanced. 

Brake Service Waterloo will handle any minor repair, or complex repair for both domestic and imported vehicles. Regardless of the year, make or model of the vehicle, Emission Testing Waterloo is up for the challenge. The automotive professionals are highly skilled and always ready to tackle any repair.  

Some of the services that offered include engine mechanical inspections, exhaust repair/replacement, brake repair/replacement, transmission repair, steering & suspension, fuel repairs, air/heating systems, hybrid/ electrical vehicle repair, propane tank/fuel inspections and much more. In addition to all things repair, Brake Service Waterloo also handles regular maintenance as well. Some of these needs may include oil changes, engine performance analysis, wheel alignment, brake inspection, D.O.T safety inspection, and tire mounting – to name a few. 

Emission Testing Waterloo has expanded their offerings to include fleet services. In need of a yellow annual sticker? The team at Brake Service Waterloo can help. They are also qualified to inspect your heavy duty vehicles and trailers. If customers are looking to meet MTO standards, the team at Emission Testing Waterloo can provide a free estimate on what is required in order to do so. 

Visit the professionals at Brake Service Waterloo today or visit the website at for testimonials, reviews, and to inquire about your next automotive service.

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