Offer Extra Support to Disabled with the Addition of Grab Bars

It is a challenge for the disabled to move freely inside their home because their disability becomes an obstacle in their way of freedom. There are unique bars for disabled people, known as ‘grab bars’ to deal with these complications. 

These Best Grab Bars For Seniors are one of the essential aids and safety accessories that make all the areas of your home more accessible. Whether you are disabled, disabled, or have an older adult in your family members, installing these grab bars will make them regain their independence.

One of the best things is installing these grab bars at key positions of your home. For instance, you can add these grab bars in your bathroom and kitchen area where disabled people need more support. 

Let’s explore more about these bars;

Grab Bars for Bathroom

Grab bars are a lifesaver for those who are dealing with low mobility. There are different types of grab bars that you can install throughout your home to provide stability to those dealing with reduced mobility. 

Although, a bathroom is a place where you should install this essential aid because this is the most dangerous area for disabled people. Most of the accidents and falls happen in the bathroom due to its slippery and wet floor. 

People now consider grab bars as part of the bathroom modifications because it has become a compulsory aid for disabled persons. Moreover, it helps people to prevent accidents and serious injuries that mostly happen in the bathroom. 

Key Locations in Bathroom to Install Grab Bars

This is a critical question that people usually ask because some bathroom areas need these grab bars where disabled persons also need assistance. 

You should install these grab bars near the walk-in showers and walk-in tubs, which makes it easy for the elderly to get in and out of the tub quickly and without the assistance of any other person. 

You should also install these bars neat toilet seat because it will help the older people to sit and stand easily. Because they might lose their balance while standing, so these grab bars will allow them to maintain their balance. 

You can also add these grab bars at the entrance of your bathroom if you have a giant step, This grab bar will provide an extra helping hand to the elderly while they are going up or down to the step. 

Hence, constructors use grab bars with some other medical devices to increase the safety of the people. These grab bars come in different shapes and designs that make them able to blend with your bathroom’s design. 

Proper Installation of Grab Bars

Proper installation of the Disabled Grab Bars is essential; therefore, you need professionals for their installation process. If you install them by yourself, you might not correctly anchor them to the walls, and then they will not bear the person’s weight. 

You should install these grab bars with great care because if they are temporarily installed, and someone holds them to stand and apply pressure, it will break and then leads to a severe injury. 

Positions to Install Disabled Grab Bars

You can install grab bars in different positions, so let’s have a look at them.

Horizontal and vertical Grab Bars help a person while sitting or standing. These also help them to pull themselves from a seated position. 

Similarly, some people install grab bars according to the angle and depending on the person’s requirements. These bars offer excellent safety and care to the disabled and older adults. 

What things to consider while installing a Grab Bar?

While selecting a grab bar, you must have a complete idea about your space and needs. Because if you know these details, then it would be easy for you to select the bar. 

If you are a wheelchair user, you should go for the folding grab bars if there is not enough space for the wheelchair to move. 

But, if you have a caregiver with you in the bathroom, then choose those grab bars that give you additional space in the tub to hold them while another person is standing in the bathtub.


To sum up all the discussion above, we can say that grab bars make you able to make safe movements inside your bathroom and all-around your home. Nit only for the older people, but these grab bars are also a perfect helping hand for wheelchair users. 

There are a lot of construction companies that offer these bars. Still, if you want the highest quality bars with their proper installation, then nothing can beat the competence of SPN Construction Mobility that is Grab Bars Provider in New Jersey.  

We have the best constructors and designers that install the bars in a way that will add beauty to your home. We make sure that every bar is perfectly secured to prevent any accident. 

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