Learn About Tucking, Who Uses Them And How It Is Done?

There are many challenges that transgender has to face daily in their life. It starts from the social exclusion to healthcare. Many things are excluded from, this not only harms their status in the society but also break their will.

It is the duty of cisgender to be an ally for those who have become male to female, or female into Male.

What Is Tucking?

For those who have never heard this word, the term tucking means according to the Transgender Health Information Program as a way to hide or ‘tuck’ their penis or testes. For example, by moving the penis or the testicles between the buttocks, or another example is to tuck them into the inguinal canals.

Who Uses Them?

Tucking might be used by someone who identifies themself as:

  • Agender
  • Trans Women
  • Nonbinary
  • Trans Femme
  • Gender Nonconforming

It is also used by someone who wanted to achieve a smooth appearance and hide their genitals for aesthetic purposes. Such as for drags or cosplays.

Practice Tucking!

You can practice tucking beforehand in your comfortable space to get the hang of it. Tucking though might be lightly uncomfortable it does not imply pain upon the body. If you are having difficulty or facing a lot of discomfort, it’s ok to stop and do not force your genitals to move. Take a deep breath and start it over again.

Supplies That You Might Need!

You might need some supplies to tuck your genitals, it may include:

  • A snug or tight pair of underwear.
  • Some medical tape.
  • If you desire to make a more smooth and flat surface a gaff would also be needed to create a second layer.

Tuck the testes!

With the help of two or three fingers, you can guide the testes to the canal, do not try to rush this step, the testes will slip back into the inguinal canal. If you are finding it difficult or having a problem stop and try again after some time.

You can then tuck the penis and the scrotum, it can be secured with either tape or without a tape.

Tucking And Erections!

It can be a slightly discomforting moment if you become aroused during tucking, you may need to rearrange yourself or else you would not be untucked unless the tape or gaff had some issues or you were not securely tucked.

Is Penis Size a Hindrance For Tucking?

Do not worry, if you have a wider girth, tucking may still be a thing for you, you would just need to be more careful during tucking, and tuck your genitals more securely. For that, you may require some, more extra layer of medical tape or extra pair of underwear to achieve the level of smoothness that you desire.

For All Intents And Purposes!

VJ’s Transgender Clinic Visakhapatnam will guide you all about the health programs for transgender, it is our duty to look after the needs of the transgender in terms of their health.

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