IELTS Requirement of Work Visa For Candidates of Different Nations

Let’s Lead Education: If you have a wish to excel in life by moving abroad either permanently or for your further studies. You need to communicate your ideas, and the best way for communication is language and nobody is unaware that English is a primary language that is used in most countries.

And to move abroad you must clear IELTS. You take the coaching at IELTS Institute in Mohali to crack the band score that you require.

Benefits of IELTS!

Most people might be aware of what IELTS is. They might also know some basics about why IELTS is done. But are they aware of its benefits? If not! This 5 minutes read will help you know more about IELTS than the basics. You can learn more from IELTS Coaching in Mohali and score band scores that you desire.

  • It ensures better sustainability and survival, in the countries where English is the primary or native language.
  • If you have done your IELTS there are a plethora of work opportunities that would be available to you.
  • It helps you get enrollment in the top colleges and universities of Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and The United States Of America.
  • IELTS makes it easier for the candidate to get not only lucrative jobs but also it is easy for professional registration in foreign nations.
  • Government agencies easily approve the visas if you have the globally accepted English certification in hand.
  • Those who have decided to move to English countries enjoy the merits of this proficiency test a lot.

IELTS Requirement of Work Visa For Candidates of Different Nations

Proofing proficiency in the language is the crucial step in getting the visa to be able to work abroad. As a candidate for a work visa, it is important to succeed in English skills.

It is very given that the band score that is required varies according to the criteria of the candidates or the occupation that he/she chooses. For some jobs, the requirement may be 6 bands whereas for others it might be 8.

  • United Kingdom: the band score required for The UK is at least 6.5 in all the four modules that are: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • Australia: minimum 5 band score is required for vocational English Level Speakers, whereas 6 band score is required for applicants of Competent English Level to work there.
  • Canada: although the basic requirement for band score is 6.5 to 7. Still, the candidate must inquire about the institutional places of employment to know about the demands of the IELTS band, as they have their language demand.
  • New Zealand: they have a minimum of 4 band score requirements. But they also have to show proof of ability in the English language, such as proof of the country that they are currently living in, and the country that they have lived in.


Let’s Lead Education, can be the institute to make you reach your destination.

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