How to Delete History on Cash App

Cash App is an application that makes the transaction in online mode, it is very easy to send and receive money through this application. Cash apps offer many features that users can use for instant transfer of money.

This application allows users to transfer money easily and conveniently without visiting any bank.  If you are a cash app user and you are facing any issue to delete cash app history follow our post How to Delete History on Cash App.

Delete Your Cash App Transaction History

Cash App history is nothing is just your account statement that cannot be deleted. One way to delete your complete history is just to delete your account from the cash app.

Follow Steps to Delete Cash App Account

è Open your device “Sign on Cash App

è  Now click on the support button

è Now scroll down and select the option “Something Else

è Again scroll down and select the option “Account Settings

è Now you will find the option as “Close my Cash App Account

è Click on confirm button to delete your account

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Why You Don’t Need to Delete Your Cash App Transaction History

Cash app is a private and secure application, this application keeps users’ data secure and private, no one can access your details without your permission. If all your transactions on a cash app are private then why do you need to delete your transaction history?

If you really want to delete your cash app transaction history so you have only one option “Delete your cash app account

How to delete transaction history on cash app

As I earlier said you cannot delete your transaction history only one option is to close your cash app account permanently to delete all history.

After closing your Cash App account you can recreate your Cash App account with the same details, cash app gives you another option to create a new account using old information.

How to hide Cash App transactions?

 If you want to hide your cash app transaction history so you can simply go to the application click on the log out button to hide your information. And also you can change your phone password so no one can access your phone without your permission.

Cash apps do not provide any type of feature like hiding your particular transaction or deleting your one transaction.

How do I download my Cash App transaction history?

Before deleting your account, I highly suggest downloading your cash app transaction history, in the future if you face any kind of dispute related to the transaction so in that case history will help you. Now a question arises – how can you download your cash app account history.

1. The very first step is to log in to your cash app account on your device.

è Now click on the home->statement tab.

è  Now select your transaction month and year that you want to download.

è Now click on the download button to download your cash app payment transaction history file.

è And you can also press the Ctrl+P on your keyboard and browse the destination where you want to download the CVC file.

è And now you can also save it as a pdf file for more information visit us

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