How Sleeping Without A Duvet Cover Is Unhealthy?

The bed is the centrepiece of your room as well as a focal point. A well-made stunning bed is a key to a good-looking bedroom. However, when it comes to creating a cosy and attractive bed, you typically have three options: bed sheets, pillows, and a nice duvet or comforter. Duvet offers comfort, beauty, and practicality. Have you ever considered the value of a duvet cover? When it comes to your bedroom, duvet covers should be hands down your first pick. In this article, you will learn why using a duvet without a cover is unhealthy.

What is a Duvet Cover?

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Duvet cover is a kind of large pillowcase for covering your duvet or comforter. These are made out of a variety of fabrics. This slipcover generally has buttons or a zipper on one side to hold the duvet in place and protect it. Duvet covers are the best choice for your room if you are looking for affordability, versatility, and style at the same time. They come in a variety of different sizes, colors, styles, and fabrics. There are a variety of reasons you should not use a duvet without a cover. These covers provide extra protection to your duvet or comforter and make it cosier.

What are the Benefits of using Duvet Covers?

There are several benefits of using duvet covers for your duvets. Especially when it comes to health, duvet covers play a vital role. Some of the benefits of duvet covers are:


Protection of the comforter or duvet is a common concern of many people. No matter how careful you are, when you live in a bedroom and sleep on your bed, your bedding gets dirt, food, body oils, makeup, dust, and much more. These all can collect on your duvet and make it unhealthy for you to sleep in it. Duvets are expensive and washing or replacing them is not easy. Therefore, duvet covers protect your duvets from stains, dirt, and other particles.

Duvet Covers are Easy to Clean

Washing duvets or comforters is not easy as it is impossible to fit them in the washing machine. Drying after washing is more difficult. However, with a duvet cover, you can put these worries to rest. Duvet covers are made of materials that are machine washable and easy to clean. You need to remove the cover, wash it, dry it, and voila! You can wash it whenever you want and you will get a fresh and clean bed every time.


You cannot buy more comforters at one time to match your bedsheet or pillowcases. However, you can buy more than one duvet covers, since they are light pieces of fabric and you can have more options at a time. moreover, you can remove the comforter from the cover and use the duvet cover in the hot summer season. The fabric of the duvet cover is soft, light, and pretty. You can buy them in different colours to match your bedding and room theme because why not!

Why is it Unhealthy to use a Duvet Without Cover?

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You spend most of your time in bed apart from sleeping. Lounging around your bed is not a bad thing but have you wondered that you could be putting your body at risk? Well, yes, you are. The materials or small particles that go into your bedding matter when it comes to the health of the skin and body. the study has shown that every time you lay on your bed and rub up against your bed, your skin transfers germs and bacteria to your bedding. Therefore, washing your bedding at least once every week is extremely important for the better health of the skin and body.

Many people have skin allergies or any other kind of health issues. In such cases, it is recommended to wash your pillowcase and bedsheet every other day to prevent the spreading of infections. Washing such items is easy, but what about duvets? Duvets are too heavy to put in the washing machine. Moreover, they take days to dry up completely. Duvet covers, on the other hand, are easy to remove, wash and dry. You can wash your duvet cover every day if you want. By doing so, you can decrease the growth of harmful bacteria and germs by up to 75%. You should always consider buying 100% organic fabric while buying a duvet cover to ensure safety.


Duvets are filled with soft and light feathers of goose or duck that provide warmth and comfort. However, they may also be filled with other materials, such as polyester. The duvet covers are used to provide extra protection to these duvets as washing or replacing them every other day is not easy. Duvet covers come with lots of benefits when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. So, make sure to buy duvet covers whenever you buy a comforter, and always go for 100% organic material.

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