How long does it take for the hair grafts to become secure after a hair transplant?

Hair grafts need to approach 14 days or 2 weeks to become secure in their desired place. Following the hair transplant, safety measures are important to follow in this period, so that the recovery is as smooth as it can be. So, if you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Vizag then it’s important to know everything about the same and carefully follow all the necessary suggestions given by the hair restoration surgeon.

How are the hair grafts treated during a hair transplant?

Hair grafts are the follicles that are taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is less. Through the punch incision, the hair grafts are extracted. Till the time, the transplantation process is not ready, it is kept under a solution that allows it to keep cool & hydrated. Once the desired number of hair grafts are extracted the area will be bandaged.

What’s the period which makes the hair graft secure?

Well! Several factors are there which tells better about the hair grafts survival and some of them are:

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Dehydration
  • Temperature

For the combination of these factors and to make sure the results are as effective as it needs to be, the surgeon’s instructions should be followed. Just imagine the process as to when a new plant is grown, it takes time & needs proper in the form of sunlight & water.

Similarly, for the hair grafts, that period is 14 days which demands utmost attention and following that the graft will get implanted into the desired location. In case the bandage is applied then make sure to take proper care of the same. Additionally, you should be as careful as you can after getting the Hair Transplant in Kakinada in following the instructions given by the hair restoration surgeon like washing hair, styling them, and many more.

Hair restoration surgeon tips to take care of grafts after hair transplant

Indeed! The right care and treatment are all needed to make sure the recovery time is as smooth as you want it to be. Similarly to ensure the hair grafts are properly secure to the desired place, there are a few things that you have to follow:

  • At least for 5 days or as told by the doctor, wait to wash the hair. Do not pick up on the scabs.
  • For 4 to 5 days spray the saltwater solution on the hair as it allows to keep it moist.
  • Make sure to take all the necessary medications & keep yourself in a comfort zone all the way along.
  • Don’t use any sort of harsh cloth on the scalp as it will affect the grafts
  • Never touch or try to pick up on the grafts
  • Make sure to not wear hats or beanies for some time period
  • Don’t get yourself involved in any kind of vigorous regime for 4 to 6 weeks.

Let the recovery go with on its own pace but be careful about you what you do

Hair transplant is effective in all ways and to see the results within an 8 to 12 month time period, it’s better to follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor.

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