Francisco Cortes: A Philanthropist

Francisco Cortes is the founder and president of the global communications company The Setroc Group. He is responsible for the growth and expansion of key partnerships; including new business development and talent recruitment. Francisco became the senior Hispanic vice president of the company’s news division and was named one of the “Best Young Latinos in American Newsrooms” by The Huffington Post.

Francisco Cortes is a proud veteran of the United States Army and National Guard. He holds the position of Executive Director of the International Media Congress, an ensemble that works closely with the United Nations. Francisco believes in paying back to the nation and its people. He serves on the Business Advisory Committee of the New Jersey State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which represents 119,000 Hispanic-owned agencies contributing more than $ 20 billion to the state’s economy. 

During his long professional career in media, Mr. Cortes has transformed the way news engages and informs the public. He is dedicated to maintaining the sole and values of the Hispanic network. He has been an active speaker at national and international conferences and universities on numerous topics. 

Cortes has led and mentored groups of award-winning journalists at some point in his profession. Francisco became the Hispanic senior vice president in the company’s news department and received accolades from the Huffington Post and My Lifestyle magazine. He has served on the top of many boards. Francisco Cortes Fox News Feedback has been tremendous and his work brought huge popularity to the channel.

He also believes in mentoring. He desires to develop his skills and knowledge with adolescents who need to have the right guidance related to their work. He has toured the United Nations and a lot of countries of other continents.

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