Five most popular LGBT-friendly tourist spots

The Pandemic has been a stressful ride for all of us. Life was on a halt for almost two years and still hasn’t achieved its usual pace. But slowly and gradually, things are improving for good. As the new Covid-19 cases deplete with each passing day, the travel industry finds its fuel again. 

People are once again ready to explore new adventures out there. All communities are gearing up to leave their monotonous quarantine life and want to explore the real world. But not all communities are embraced in the same way. We’re talking about the LGBT communities still finding it difficult to travel freely in this modern world. Some countries have still not accepted the LGBT or gay-friendly culture, making it more and more difficult for gay couples. But exceptions are still there. 

Some countries are leaving no stone unturned to embrace all communities with open arms. So let’s discuss some of the best cities for LGBT families where a gay-friendly couple can enjoy freely without any hassle. 

Provincetown, Massachusetts

If you’re ready for a place where you need numerous other gay couples to chill with, then there’s no other place like Provincetown. Based upon the 2011 census, Provincetown is one of the gayest cities all across the United States. 

The town has its vibe at every corner. Rich culture, exquisite art, exciting history will give you some ancient vibes which you can surely enjoy with your partner. 

Madrid, Spain

Spain has consistently topped the list of LGBT-friendly vacation spots. Thanks to its rich culture and fantastic nightlife. But Madrid, the capital city, has a vibe of its own. Chueca is a very popular place for gay travelers as it is considered Madrid’s main gay district. 

If you’re a party animal and want to enjoy every bit of it with your love interest, Madrid can indeed be considered. They host one of the biggest pride events globally, making it more happening for gay couples like you. 

Manhattan, USA

New York never disappoints anyone. And if we talk about the manhattan islands, then the list goes endless. Manhattan has everything that you can think of. LGBT-friendly restaurants, communities, events, you name it, and Manhattan has it. 

The whole place has some different gay energy, which complements the modern culture of same-sex love and provides that vibe to couples like you. Especially in the Pride month of June, this place possesses its vibe. Colorful Pride events, spectacular night scenes, breathtaking performances, etc. Manhattan shouts out the LGBT+ communities’ existence to the world, making it a place that you should add to your to-do list. 

Puerto Vallarta, México

Mexico is always considered to be the best LGBT-friendly vacation spot. Thanks to the green culture it has. But Puerto Vallarta has to be one of the best cities for LGBT families. Local artists have made the PV Pride festival one of the best Pride events in the world. 

The town of Zona Romantica is the most sought-after tourist spot where you can enjoy a drink with your loved ones. And if you’re a beach person, Playa de Los Muertos should be on your to-do list. This place hosts some super-exclusive LGBT-friendly festivals all around the year, so there’s no particular time to visit this one-of-a-kind city. Just pack your bags and book your next flight right away. 

Berlin, Germany

Germany is considered one of the safest and most advanced places in the world. But another trait that is not that popular is that Berlin’s locals are considered the most open-minded people. 

It has some popular LGBT-friendly vacation spots like Friedrichshain or the Kreuzberg, which has its vibe. Berlin also hosts the CSD event in July, one of the most popular Pride events in Europe. 

These are some of the best cities where you can come and enjoy yourself with your partner. So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation, pack your bags and start your adventure right away. Click here to know more.

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