Difference Between Corrugated and Cardboard Boxes

Have you ever wondered if custom cardboard boxes and custom corrugated boxes were the same things? If so, you aren’t the only one. These two boxes are often misunderstood by some as being the same. There are two completely different poles: the south and the north, yet both have some similar characteristics. You can distinguish between the two by reading this article. Here’s what you need to know. 

The two materials corrugated and cardboard differ in what ways?

Cardboard packaging and corrugated packaging, though similar in appearance and function, have very different purposes and structures. Which material is the best fit for your business and your customers’ needs, corrugated or cardboard? You should understand the differences between corrugated and cardboard shipping containers because the choice you make can impact customers’ impressions.

Custom cardboard boxes are often made from heavy paper stock or pulp. A variety of products are made from these materials, including small containers, packaging, and structural supports for products that are less rigid. As a result of these materials, clothes are also protected during shipping from losing their shape.

Box shipping is convenient for consumers, but for retailers, there is a risk since cardboard boxes don’t offer much protection and, despite that, extra protection is necessary, such as bubble wrap.

In contrast to a single sheet, corrugated cartons have many layers of material. Between the inside and outside liners is a fluted medium. Using a strong, lightweight material such as corrugated is ideal for shipping large numbers of packages, as it is both resilient and lightweight.

These containers remain intact, regardless of shock, moisture, or sudden changes in temperature. Even when your products are subjected to harsh conditions or excessive force, corrugated boxes guarantee that they will arrive in excellent condition at their final destination.

Corrugated vs. Cardboard: Which to Use?

Custom packaging can be done using both cardboard and corrugated boxes in the right circumstances. The cardboard-style media mailers you see at the post office are a good example of the best cardboard boxes being a durable packaging material for lightweight products. Depending on the product, items may be damaged as they pass through your hands. Consider carefully whether to ship your products via cardboard if you need to.

Often, corrugated boxes are used for packing and shipping as they are strong and durable. If the product is already packaged or wrapped, providing cushioning for the contents is an advantage. You may be better off choosing corrugated if your product or brand also has custom packaging because corrugated can be as customized as cardboard while being more rigid. There are more opportunities for more unique designs with die-cuts, custom folding, lid, flaps, and other customizations.

As well as packaging goods, corrugated cardboard can be used for food packaging. Adding a hygienic layer to food packaging protects the food from contamination.  In the entire process of transport, the produce is more sustainable and cleaner.

Furthermore, it can be used for delivery purposes, since in the modern and digitalized world, more and more people prefer to order their groceries online, including meat, vegetables, and other perishable goods. Furthermore, bakeries and fast food shops use it as well, in order to deliver their product in a safe and hygienic manner. Read more about it here.  

The right way to measure both boxes

Measurements should preferably be ordered in height, width, depth. When measured along with the opening, the length is always longer than the width. Depth is measured between the opening and the pan to the right or left.

Measurements of a box are usually taken from the inside, meaning they relate to the opening. For measuring, the inside dimensions of the corrugated board are used since the board thickness may vary. The outer dimensions of two boxes made with the same flute cannot be the same. Make sure that you measure the boxes inside by keeping the scoreline in mind.

Get in touch with the right packaging company

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