Best Indian Schools in Sharjah

Sharjah is well-known for its array of family-friendly accommodations close to facilities such as schools, supermarkets and hospitals for ex-pats. Due to the large number of Indian schools in Sharjah, the emirate is particularly popular with Indian ex-pats. Expat parents from the subcontinent can locate many well-known and best schools in Sharjah.

The List of the Best Indian Schools in Sharjah

Below are the Indian schools in Sharjah where your kids can obtain a high-quality education. Let’s read:

  • ASPAM Indian International School

ASPAM Indian International School, a Sharjah Indian school, was founded in 2013. It provides a superior education, discovers and nurtures each child’s uniqueness by unlocking their hidden great ability and grooming them to their absolute best.

The ASPAM Group of Schools is a project of Gulf Petrochem Group, a large oil company that believes in integrating advanced and adapting with the times while maintaining its core values.

The institution has progressed year after year under the leadership and vision of chairman Mr Ashok Goel and Managing Director Mr Sudhir Goyel. The premium school, located in the Al Azra district of Sharjah, is associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi, India and follows the CBSE curriculum.

  • Delhi Private School

Delhi Private School has grown into one of Sharjah’s premier Indian schools over the last 17 years. The school takes a progressive approach to education, focusing on an activity-oriented curriculum. Its goal is to generate graduates who are well-rounded and have 21st-century abilities. The school caters for students in grades KG I to XII. They are associated with CBSE in New Delhi and follow the CBSE curriculum. Among the top Indian schools in Sharjah, Delhi Private School has received the most Sheikh Hamdan Awards. DPS Sharjah is located in Muwaileh, a popular local area.

  • Sharjah Indian School

Sharjah Indian School is one of Sharjah’s oldest Indian schools, having been in operation for 37 years. Approximately 9,000 kids are now enrolled in the school. It follows the CBSE curriculum, with the majority of teachers following the NCERT syllabus. The school’s academic and extracurricular programmes are tailored to modern educational approaches and prepare students for future challenges. Boys and girls have their blocks at Sharjah Indian School. Science labs are well-equipped in both blocks. Teachers inspire students to try new things and come up with creative solutions to issues. 

  • Sharjah Ambassador School

Ambassador School Sharjah is a well-known Indian curriculum institute in the city. It is part of the larger Ambassador group, which also runs well-known schools in Dubai. They offer a variety of amenities to help students learn more effectively, such as well-equipped sports rooms, extracurricular activities and more. There is also a huge library, laboratories, a swimming pool, music and theatre studios and other cutting-edge facilities at the school.

  • Gems Millennium School

GEMS Millennium School promotes students’ entire development and is regarded as one of Sharjah’s best schools. The relevance of classroom learning is appropriately emphasised. On the other hand, the academic team is committed to supporting a well-thought-out after-school activity programme that combines exercise, physical activity, performing arts and supervised homework. In addition, the school offers specialised programmes for students with special needs. GEMS Millennium School provides a better learning environment for students by combining a modern teaching ethic with cutting-edge infrastructure. This school’s graduates have been accepted into institutions in 53 different countries. As a result, it has one of the highest acceptance rates among the best schools in Sharjah. This sets apart GEMS Millennium School from other Indian schools in Sharjah.

  • Gulf Asian English School

In 1975, the Gulf Asian English School was founded. It has earned a reputation as one of Sharjah’s best Indian schools. Girls and boys have their own blocks. To improve the learning experience, smart learning systems such as interactive boards and mobile projects have been introduced. Physics, chemistry, biology, home science and computers all have their own labs. A variety of sporting facilities are also available.

  • Leaders Private School

Over the last few years, Leaders Private School has significantly improved. Its committed staff has worked relentlessly to help and guide students throughout their academic careers. It allows students to experiment in order to learn and discover new things.

This concludes the list of Sharjah Indian schools. Early childhood education is equally crucial in determining your child’s destiny. As a result, it is essential to dedicate time and attention to this decision. If you are still confused about which school to choose, go for ASPAM Indian International School, the best Indian school.

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