4 Tricks to Streamline Custom Boxes for Gift Set Packaging

As we head for the New Year, it is safe to say that planning for renewed gift custom boxes will fetch great rewards!

While we dwell in the unpredictability of Covid-19, staying aligned with the upcoming and latest box trends would take the brand image forward. As customers place more importance on their branded packaging, it makes sense to plan everything in advance so you won’t miss out on anything.

Understanding how common issues in creating gift packaging effects your product demand will better equip you to stay competitive in the upcoming year. We provide effective remedies to these problems so you can consistently offer great customer experiences.

What are the most reoccurring gift packaging issues?

Gift packaging styling is more complex than many might imagine. You must educate yourself about these to potentially avoid them.

#1: Ambiguity in how to present branding

It is common for brands to have an idea about how they want to see their gift packaging. But most of them don’t exactly know how to translate their ideas onto the boxes.

Usually, business owners end up creating a confusing gift box that doesn’t say much about the brand. It might be visually attractive but customers expect to see a firm brand image on their purchased product boxes. Hence, ambiguous boxes are often snubbed for more refined branded gift boxes.

#2: Outdated box design

Boxes that seem to be belonging to the by-gone era are also likely to be avoided by customers. Brands opt for designs that they have seen time and over, thinking of them as a safe bet. But this mostly backfires as customers want to see a futuristic box appeal.

Customers demand their gift boxes to be unique and above the normal benchmark. Outdated box patterns and layouts don’t attract attention and may not help to boost sales.

#3: Ineffective box construct

This is one of the major reasons that companies lose out on potential repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Businesses often look past the box structures to design the packaging with gift-like features. It results in damaged and broken products reaching customers and putting them off from ordering again.

#4: Inappropriate brand vibe

Brands that don’t pay heed to the latest trends often miss out on giving a positive brand feel. Customers want to obtain a memorable unboxing experience. This and other current trends need to be imbibed within the gift boxes to make them worthwhile.

Companies usually are either new or inexperienced regarding creating apt packaging. They often lose out on certain important features that make their gift boxes relevant to current times.

What can be done to fix these packaging troubles?

There are productive ways in which you can effectively avoid or rectify the stated issues to craft error-free and on-point gift custom boxes.

custom boxes

Here is what you can do:

  1. Create a sketch

As you evolve your packaging and start to consider where it is the future, it’s just as crucial to plan for the short-term as well as the long-term impacts. Think about the following questions.

  • What do you aim to achieve with the boxes?
  • How do you want the customers to perceive your brand?
  • Who are your core customers?

Knowing who you are designing the gift boxes for, makes it easier to create packaging. For example, if you sell apparel items for older customers then printing the boxes with monotones and soothing colors can be effective. If you sell cosmetics to younger demographics, then opting for vibrant and quirky box patterns can work.

Similarly, locking the final box appearance also depends on how you want to be seen as a brand? Do you want to present the company as youthful, charming, classy, or mystic? Determining this would help you to pick suitable colors, brand logos, and custom styling.

  • Consider 2022 themes

The coming year should be your time to revisit what you have and work with a packaging expert to create something unforgettable for customers. 

Working with the boxes to give trendy appeal is what is going to keep your gift boxes popular in 2022. This involves picking a simpler look for the boxes. Gift-like boxes don’t have to be focused on just adding glimmer. It is actually the sentiments that customers attach to gifts that must be extended on the boxes.

You can opt for rigid materials and firmer box lines to impart a futuristic appeal. Also using lighter color shades can give better results.

Moreover, personalizing your custom packaging through methods such as thank you notes, goodies, and custom inserts can be a great way to connect with customers. This has become a fast-growing e-commerce packaging trend. 

  • Reliable and strong boxes

Give ample time to construct the boxes. Define your product specifications and ask your printing partners to build according to these measurements. The boxes also need to be secure enough for the contents. Sensitive, perishable, and fragile products must be packaged with appropriate box thicknesses.

Ensure that you get creative box shapes too. 2022 is likely going to be more about how the boxes are shaped rather than just how they appear. Work with your box makers to get cost-effective yet quirky box shapes that instantly stand out. Gable boxes are the new trend for food items, custom sleeves can be used for jewelry, and triangular boxes can be picked for packaging apparel items like shoes.

  • Provide a retainable brand contact

Gift boxes are either obtained on purpose by customers or certain e-brands choose to send their shipment in these boxes to extend a premium brand vibe. With unboxing videos becoming a huge part of marketing, you should be factoring in the unboxing experience itself for the New Year.

Carefully consider the factors that go into creating a truly immersive experience for unboxing your products to leave a good first impression on customers.


Using gift custom boxes is a great way to start 2022. Planned boxes improve sales revenues for both this holiday season and for the year ahead.

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