What are Common Reasons for Dry Eyes & How to Treat Them Effectively?

Are dry eyes a serious problem? Most often, people don’t really pay attention to the initial symptoms of dry eyes. It’s only when their eyes start burning, they actually take it seriously. Dry eyes are one of the most common eye ailments these days, and it needs to be addressed properly. You can blame the lifestyle for that, but it surely is grasping many people around the world. It might not be a major issue, but it can be the beginning of many other ailments like blurred vision and, finally, vision loss. Your eyes are very sensitive, and even the slightest inconvenience can be a major problem for this super delicate organ. It does not start immediately; first, you experience light symptoms like drying of eyes, or watery discharge, itchiness. If it is not addressed, then you feel burning eyes, scratchy sensation, and sensitivity to light. Get dry eye masks online to treat your dry eyes.

What causes dry eyes? 

Dry eye syndrome is majorly connected with tears. Our eyes need an adequate amount of tears in order to stay moisturized. These tears act like a lubricant that ensures proper eye movement without any friction. So, when your eyes don’t produce enough tears or poor-quality tears, the surface inside the eye becomes dry.  


Dry eyes are caused by aging, which is a substantial risk factor. Dry eye prevalence increases in women and men every five years beyond the age of 50, according to large epidemiological studies from the Women’s Health Study and Physician’s Health. Women have a higher incidence than males. In simple words, Tear evaporation changes with age which leads to dry eye. This can affect the ability to perform daily activities such as driving and reading. 

Hormonal changes

Another reason why you may be suffering from dry eyes is the hormonal changes in the body. The way hormones affect your eyes is determined by your individual genes, as well as your food and lifestyle. We know that hormones have a role in eye health, and studies have linked androgen (testosterone) and estrogen receptors on the cornea with the meibomian gland. This implies that there is a link between your tears and your hormones.


Lifestyle also plays an important role in deciding your eye health. The type of lifestyle today requires the maximum time of the day using screens. Whether you are on your phone or laptop, the increased screen time can give you dry eye syndrome. That is because the blue light emitted from digital devices can lead to faster tear evaporation. Your eyes may not produce tears as fast as they are evaporating; thus, you suffer dry eyes. Also, frequent blinking is important to spread the tear in the whole cornea. When you are using devices, you often forget to bling or blink less than normal. So, some parts of the eyes remain dry, irritating. The situation can be worse if you use more than one device at a time. 

Treatment for dry eye syndrome

There are several things you may do to help prevent or alleviate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

  • Keep your eyes and eyelids clean and save them from dusty, smoky, windy, and dry air in your area.
  • Buy a dry eye mask from a dry eye shop to add moisture to the eyes. 
  • Blink often while using your computer or laptop to reduce eye strain
  • There is a substantial dispute over whether or not nutrition can help with symptom reduction. Omega 3 and 6 oils, in particular, are known to aid with dry eye. 

These are some common reasons for dry eyes and how you can treat them. 

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