Top fans that are loaded with features and high in performance

Be it a ceiling fans, a pedestal fan, or a wall fan, this appliance plays a fundamental role in every Indian household, mainly because of the weather we witness here. With all the trendy designs, styles, and technologies, the touch of ‘modernity is incredible. 

However, every model, be it an Orient tower fan, a Havells smart fan, or a Crompton wall fan, is different. So, let’s see which are some of the finest fans provisioned with the best features and good performance: 

  1. Havells Lumos (1320 mm) Ceiling fan:
  • This product’s original price is INR 38,360 only, but it witnesses frequent discounts.
  • Its 5 silver coloured blades are wide enough to ensure that the air reaches uniformly in every corner of the room. 
  • The model is a great choice if you are willing to elevate the elegance of your living space.
  • While its dual light fittings can lighten up your room, the metallic motor and a well-built canopy enable it to give an efficient performance.
  1. Fanzart Edge Black (15 inches) fan:
  • For smaller spaces or rooms with double-height ceilings, Fanzart has the right model at INR 19,990 only. 
  • This fan makes sure to embellish your wall like never before with its stunning luxurious matte finish look.
  • Its 3 blades are specially crafted with high-quality ABS and give out a pleasing cool breeze while covering a broader area.
  • Its special features include remote control, the whisper-quiet technology to make it noise-free, the summer winter feature to emit warm air in cold winters and the BLDC motor to make the model consume the least power.
  1. Westinghouse Celestia II Hugger Ceiling Fan
  • Currently, this model is available at INR 29000, but of course, it’s on regular discounts.
  • Firstly, this simple yet elegant model with 3 well-crafted wooden blades is one of the easiest ones to install on the ceiling.
  • Its technologies make it:
  1. noise-free,
  2. best suited for both summers and winters with the ‘forward and reverse’ feature,
  3. cool a room with 30% lower air delivery, which means you will not just be irritatingly hit with the breeze. 
  • A smart remote gives its entire control to the owner’s hands.
  1. Croma 120 Watts (400 mm) Pedestal Fan
  • If you temporarily reside somewhere or don’t have the budget for a lavish and designer ceiling or wall fan, pedestal fans come as the next best option. This model can be availed at INR 3,490 only.
  • First of all, its performance and rapid, effective cooling must be appreciated, credits to the copper motor of 120W.
  • This 3-bladed model operates without making any ear-torturing sound and also features piano switches that let the user regulate its speed.
  • Its ergonomic structure makes it possible to carry it everywhere, unlike ceiling or wall fans.
  1. Orient Electric Aeroslim (1200mm) fan:
  • This model is another premium ceiling fan that doesn’t plunder a lot of your wealth and is available at INR 9,999 only.
  • Besides adding magnificence to your living space, its energy-efficient motor reduces about 40% of the energy consumption annually.
  • The 3 blades ensure an air delivery of 240 CMM even during voltage variations and create a chilling effect in the room.
  • Operations by a smart remote and mobile app, reverse rotation, sleep mode, turbo mode, breeze mode, evenly dispersed eye-comforting light, etc., are the other features that this model comes with. 

These are some of the brilliant options the fan manufacturers have in store for us currently. If you plan to upgrade your residence with a new model like an Orient tower fan or a Havells smart fan, opting for any of the ones mentioned above will not be a regrettable decision.

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