Timber vs MDF Skirting Boards – What is Better?

Whether you are renovating your house or buying a new one, you have to consider the choice of materials based on many things other than cost. These also include making a decision regarding the skirting boards and the mouldings, especially when different materials are available can for skirting, and Timber and MDF are two of the most popular ones. 

Skirting boards are essential in a house, whether you use them for functionality or add style to your space. This article will look at which type of skirting is the best between timber and MDF.

MDF Skirting Boards: 

Also known as Medium Density Fibreboard, MDF is hardwood or softwood fibres mixed with wax or resin. Once the MDF has been machine dried, it is formed into panels at high temperatures and pressure. The result then comes out heavier than timber and has high density than plywood. 

Advantages of MDF Skirting Boards:

  • Being artificial, MDFs are perfect with no knots like timber.
  • If your home is prone to excessive moisture, MDF is a perfect choice. 
  • Installation is much quicker than with wood because it has no imperfections and only needs sanding before applying a final coat of paint.
  • MDF primed skirting board doesn’t shrink or warp with the changes in humidity and heat.
  • They can be produced in any size.

Timber Skirting Boards:

Timber skirting boards can be produced from different types of timber, including Finger Jointed Pine, Clear Pine, Western Red Cedar, Meranti, Oak, or Kiln Dried Hardwood. 

Advantages of Timber Skirting Boards:

  • They are durable and can withstand frequent knocks, and they look beautiful when finished with paint.
  • They are highly versatile as they are sold in standard lengths, and they can also be machines easily panted to march your woodwork around your house.
  • Using treated timber for skirting ensures that it does not get damaged from excessive moisture or water splashes. 

For timber, the dimensions are limited and dependent on the size of the tree. But, you can partner with a reputed timber provider to serve the size requirements. Granted, some wood may become useless due to deformities. However, treated wood can sustain damage from moisture and is termite resistant. Also, timber does not shrink or warp. 

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Which One is Better?

For a well-furnished skirting board and well-trimmed look, go for timber skirting boards. MDF is like recycled wood. Therefore, it does not have the authentic aesthetics that timber has. Also, MDF lack natural timber grains or the knots like wood does. These features give timber some added beauty when combined well with the house woodworks. Timber can replicate any look that you may be looking for; however, MDF cannot give you the same desired effect. For example, MDF cannot achieve this if you are looking for an oak or pine finishing. 

 On the other hand, MDF primed skirting board still has desirable advantages, including the cost. It is easy to prepare, lacks imperfections, can handle moisture, and is versatile in size. At the end of it all, quality is the number one thing to consider to achieve the best for your skirting desire. However, MDF cannot be trimmed down like timber, and it does not last long. When they are chipped, you have to replace the whole piece, adding to your cost. If you use the regular MDF, and it gets into contact with water, it will swell, which might cause an irregular line over time.

If you are looking for regular skirting boards for your house on a budget, you should go for MDF. However, if you are looking for something that will last you longer and you can always paint to adjust to your interior design, you should go for timber skirting boards. The longevity is more significant, and it has less impact on the environment and will last you long enough for your journey. If you are still having trouble making the right choice, you can get in touch with us, and our experts will always help you make the right choice for your skirting ideas.

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