Termite Removals Tips and Suggestions for Everyone

Termite or another pest is always an unwanted guest for any house owner. They came to our home without invitation and destroy our all property. It is important for all to know what are the termite removal tips and suggestions for all to handle termites in our homes.

Termite is such a tiny pest that destroys our property in such a silent way and lets us know when they make holes invisible part of the thing. The most important thing about termites is that if you ever find any symptoms of termites in your house, give treatment to them as soon as possible as they already destroyed most of your property. Let’s discuss the termite removal tips and suggestions for everyone in detail.

The possibility that you have termites in your surroundings

Most of us do not know that they have termites in our surroundings. As termites live inside the wall, soil and mud tubes. We only know when they came out of that area and come across the damaging construction. Termite and ants are almost of the same size and shape. There is a minor difference between them i.e. termite wings are roughly and equal in length and their antennae are straight whereas ants have front wings and they are longer than the hind wings and their antennae bent at a ninety-degree angle.

Top tips for removing Termite

Termite can be removed by various steps but below are a few that if you apply there will be less chance of termite in your surroundings. One of the top tips for any type of pest is that keep a hygienic environment around you.

Avoid moisture

Pests of any type, especially pests love moisture and they prefer to live in that area. The more you keep your surroundings dry there will less chance of termites.

Repair the Cracks

Repair the crack area as soon as possible. As cracks and leakage areas often are the open way for any pest and termite to enter your house. They destroy all your property silently.

Clutter-free your house

Cluttering is the best option to get rid of pests from your house. As firstly it looks like an organized house and there will be less chance of termites attacking that area. Pay special attention to the useless newspaper, magazines, and cardboard. If any of your single rooms is attacked by the termite, never take those room things to the other room.

Make a distance between soil and wood

Keep an 18-inch distance between the soil and wood, as there is moisture in the soil and it will be the best chance for the termite to attack them and enter your house. These are most important for those who have a garden in their house. You can keep stone or cement or block in between the gap.

Professional services

One of the best options for a termite is to go a call for pest control once a year, firstly they are well trained and check in detail about the pest. They figure out quickly and easily about the area where there are pests.

Trimming trees and shrubs

Pest also often attacks the trees. Whenever you trim your tree make sure to throw away the shrubs and trim trees leave away from your house so that there will be no chance for a termite to attack in your home.

Keep a proper air ventilation area in your house

Air ventilation is the best way to get rid of the termites, as termites are often attacked by moisture and if there will be less moisture there will be less chance for termites to explore your house.

Infected item in sunlight

If you see any of your furniture attacked by the termite, just go and keep them in the direct sunlight. Termites hate sunlight due to its hotness and the sun kills the termites. Do not take the infected item in the other room unless you keep them out in the sunlight. One thing you should keep in mind before bringing the furniture back to your house. Spray out the furniture with termite spray so that there will be no more chance for a termite to enter and destroy your property.


Borate is one of the best termite repellents. Before painting the wood spray them out with borate. It soaks the wood and there will be less chance for a termite to attack them. Once the spray dries you can easily pain your furniture and wooden areas in the house. Borate sprays are strong enough to repel termite for the long-lasting tome.

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