Rewards and Recognition Strategies Your Employees Have on Their Wish List!

Do you know what’s the best way to make your employees feel like they matter? Reward and Recognition programs. When you reward employees for the efforts they put in at work, it makes them feel like they are recognized and valued. 

Not only do employee rewards programs make employees feel content and happy, but they also make them more motivated and driven to deliver their best. Thereby, increasing efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. This also makes your organization more attractive for driving new talent and employee retention.

Reward and Recognition Programs: Are They Really Important?

The truth is, there is a large chunk of employees who believe that they could be having a better experience in their workplace. Apart from a positive work environment, employee rewards programs hold great importance in improving an organization’s environment for the workforce. Employee rewards are the way to make the workplace a better place to work for your employees while also giving them the perfect balance between work and personal life. 

However, rewards should not be restricted to merely just a monetary raise. They should be a way to recognize their hard work and hence, employee Reward and Recognition programs come into play.

When we compare the benefits that employee rewards programs bring to the table, they sure outweigh all the costs that a company invests. This is an investment that makes your employees feel driven and motivated to be better at work every day since they know that their efforts will not be gone unseen. They also ensure your workforce is satisfied and you can enjoy high employee retention. Some of the major benefits of these programs are:

  1. Increased productivity 
  2. Better sense of trust 
  3. Increased loyalty 
  4. Higher retention
  5. Better work environment
  6. Higher employee engagement
  7. Better well-being
  8. Strong enforcement of organizational values
  9. Higher motivation

However, some companies lack when it comes to successfully setting and maintaining employee reward and recognition programs. If you’re one of them, let us help you here!

Running Successful Rewards and Recognition Programs 

Here are a few tips to make sure that your rewards and recognition programs are on top of the game. 

  1. Praise can go a long way 

Praise: the easiest yet very effective way of appreciating your workforce. Be it verbally or digitally, sending something as basic as a “job well done” can go a long way in making your employees feel motivated and driven to keep up their efforts. The best way to give praise is to be genuine, specific, talk about the journey as well as the end result and share a personal note on how it has made you feel. 

  • Enabling peer-to-peer appreciation

The feeling of your leader or manager recognizing your work is absolutely amazing. However, there is also great value in your peers appreciating the efforts you put in at work, sometimes for some even more than their leaders. Enabling colleagues to appreciate each other allows your workforce to shine amongst each other in the areas where managers might not focus on. Peer-to-peer appreciation also tends to seem more natural and not like a business task. If you have opted for an employee recognition platform, it makes it even better as colleagues can celebrate while others can also see their efforts contributing to a higher employee engagement. 

  • Greetings and courtesy

Sometimes, it is important to take recognition for your employees beyond their daily tasks and efforts. You should consider appreciating them for the person they are. From holding doors to greetings in hallways, apologizing for mistakes to remembering their names, there are many gestures that go beyond work and make employees feel comfortable and recognized. 

  • Highlighting personal milestones

When you praise and appreciate your workforce for the milestones they reach in their life outside of work, they feel like they matter more than just the numbers they bring to the table. It’s good to acknowledge and ask about personal life happenings in your employees’ lives. This helps in building a positive relationship and increasing trust and loyalty. 

  • Top-down recognition

Usually, when a manager or a leader calls an employee for a one-to-one meeting, it is perceived in a negative and stressful way. However, you should aim at changing that. You should try having one on one meetings with your employees to offer them appreciation and praise for their tasks and efforts. This will make sure that whenever your employees leave that meeting room, they will be boosted and encouraged to strive to be better. 

  • Rewards and recognition platform 

A reward and recognition platform can help you manage your reward and recognition program in the best way possible. When you get a platform that helps you provide public recognition and rewards, it becomes easier for the entire organization not to miss any achievement. 

Your organization’s workplace environment is directly affected by your employee rewards program. It helps in boosting overall employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity. It is crucial for you to know the importance of having the right employee rewards platform and a few strategies to make sure it runs smoothly and successfully contributing to your organization’s overall employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Advantage Club is a global provider of employee benefits. The platform serves to digitize all employee demands under one canopy through numerous employee engagement programs such as incentives, rewards & recognition, flexible and tax-saving modules. It now serves over 300 organizations in 70 countries and has over 10,000 brand partnerships.

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