Most Important Questions Asked by Parents to Independent Schools in Preston

Getting a child in the right school is one of the paramount responsibilities of parents. They want their kids’ future to shine bright and achieve all the glory from the hard work their kids’ put into their lives. It’s a success of parents when their children achieve the target and live a successful yet happy life. Independent schools in Preston are the reason for kids’ development. So choosing the school needs to be a wiser decision. Below are some most important questions raised by parents before sending their kids to school.

Question 1: What is School Philosophy or Vision?

It’s the first question which most of the parents generally ask from the school staff. It’s because parents want to ensure that the school educational beliefs & values are robust and consistent, which is helpful for children’s growth. Every school in Preston has a meaningful mission; however, the mission should not remain as a statement. There should be an action.  

Question 2: What Type of Student the School is Looking for?

Preston nursery schools are meant for small children. However, some reputed nursery schools are the aim of every parent to get their child enrolled. But such nursery schools have set some standards when hiring the kids, such as the basic learning the kid has learned from the parents, how they are involved with others, any kind of mental health concerns, and much more. 

Question 3: What is the class size and Student-to-Teacher Ratio?

Another relevant question asked by parents is the class size and student-to-teacher ratio. It’s because a large number of students in the class will not get the attention they must get. It’s difficult for teachers to give every student better attention. Thus, end up with poor academic quality. Personalized attention is highly significant for kids’ growth that helps them to have a strong academic and moral foundation. 

Question 4: How much is the Academic Fee and How Is it Worthy? 

Every nursery in Preston has a different fee structure based on the activities, curriculum, and school reputation. However, parents can’t neglect their kids’ future. So, before giving the fee, it’s essential for parents to know what they are paying for. One has the right to ask the staff about what their fee includes and can make a better decision. I find it worth it, then they can proceed or look for a more reliable one. 

Question 5: What are teachers’ Qualifications & Experiences? 

There is nothing to be shy about asking about teachers’ qualifications. After all, kids’ futures are in the hands of teachers. Whatever they will teach them, they will learn by the heart. So, the teacher who is hired by a school must hold a relevant degree and skills. 

Question 6: How the School is Operated & Governed? 

One of the most underestimated questions but surely a vital one. Parents again have the whole right to learn about the school governing structure. For instance, if it’s run privately, then there can be chances of having a board of directors or even a single owner. 

The above questions are the great practice of parents to help their children enroll in the right school. 

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