5 Steps to a profitable business with Influencer Outreach Techniques

In the last few years, online marketing has been witnessing a significant change in the way marketing is approached and the marketing content. Businesses are now shifting towards hiring influencers to target their audience instead of just sticking to banner ads. The strategy has been working well, and if reports are to be believed, influencer marketing is going to grow by 30.3% of CAGR and, by 2028, reach a market value of $84.89 billion from $7.68 billion as of 2020. 

As most companies are hiring influencers for their marketing, since 84 percent of online consumers prefer to make a purchase based on the recommendation made by an influencer, it has become apparent the power of the influencers yield when it comes to marketing—but hiring an influencer. At the same time, it is not an easy task. It also requires the company to have influencer outreach techniques that will ensure a profitable business. 

What Are The Influencer Outreach Techniques? 

Once upon a time, not long back, maybe around 2014, getting recognized on Instagram was a big deal. The chances of identifying an influencer were not only high, but in all likelihood; you could contact them easily and bring them on board for your brand. But the landscape has changed. While you have to work hard to get an influencer, you also require certain influencer outreach techniques to ensure you have a profitable business when you hire them. 

Here are some of the steps 

Step 1: Who Is The Right Influencer For You? 

The only way to warrant a successful business and impressive ROI when you hire an influencer is to get the right influencer for your brand. But finding the influencer who will be the right fit can be achieved with the following:

  • Related Content 

There are tools like Buzzsumo, which can help you find the influencers with keywords that are related to your brands. Once you have found the influencers with your relevant keywords, it’s time for the next step. 

  • Finding What They Share 

You would want to make sure they share posts with the keywords relevant to your topic often. If you are on Twitter, you can find the influencers based on Page Authority’s shares. It will allow you to analyze and collect data on their shares and how the audience reacts to them. 

Step 2: Tools For Robust Influencer Outreach Program 

Gone are the days when people used to open every email or DM they received. Mainly, with influencers receiving so many DM and emails all the time, it can be difficult to contact them. However, with tools like Find That Email, you can locate the email addresses of popular influencers. Also, the plugin Sidekick offered by HubSpot can prove to be beneficial. It offers features to see if the recipient opened the email and if the pages and your offers they have visited.  

Step 3: Personalizing It 

Just adding the recipient’s name and sending an email is not enough anymore. You need to personalize the email or DM when contacting the influencer. There are several ways you can personalize the email or message you send them. It is at this time you can also pitch your brand but keep it brief and simple. Furthermore, with influencers being flooded with offers and people seeking favors from them, why not turn the game a bit by offering them some favors. Not necessarily you have to give them freebies immediately. Instead, you can share their posts, review any updates they make, endorse their skills on social media pages. This will help you build a relationship with them and help them know you, so they see your messages when you email or DM them. 

4. Tweak The Influencer’s Interest  

For an influencer to partner with you, they need to interest in your product, brand, or the things you do. The best way to do it is to pique their interest in your brand, and you can do that is by mentioning them in your blog. This way, you are helping them promote the influencer and their blog, brand via your channel, which will make them happy. Also, you can post topics that are related to your brand from the people who influence your influencer to bring them to your page. 

5. Finding What Works For You

Just because some influencers and their posts work for your competitors, don’t follow the same trend or path. Finding your own niche is important. Following someone blindly can be easy, but influencer marketing is all about creativity and asking or setting trends instead of championing what’s already being in the trend. So, finding what works for your brand, your company, and the influencer is vital in creating a community, which will help you build your brand based on influencer marketing. 

You can develop your influencer outreach techniques based on these points to ensure your brand works, and partnering with the right influencer is worth a while for your business. Without a proper outreach technique in place, the chances are you might fail to appeal to the right influencer. In this day and age, influencers are quite picky about what they select to endorse, and like your brand, they want to be unique. 

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, influencer marketing is going to grow exponentially in the years to come, but brands need to invest in them to make their presence felt in the market. Hiring an influencer with a proper outreach technique will enable a business to grow, boost audience traction, and improve its ROI. It will also enhance the customer’s trust in the brand and its service. 

However, suppose you are having issues developing influencer outreach techniques. In that case, there are online influencers businesses that can help you bring the right influencer for your brand and even develop the right influencer outreach strategies.

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