Most Effective 7 Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Post

Writing effectively optimized blog posts for your business promotion is skill work. You need to write your content readable and enjoyable so that the reader can stick to it. You just need to improve that writing skill, and like other skills, it can also be increased with patience. Before going to write any blog post, you must consider 2 facts- readers (humans) and search engines (bots). Readers always look for quality, original, and most probably relevant content, whereas search engines always look for SEO-friendly content. Here we, the SEO company in Manchester will help you by creating step by step guide. This is going to help you in improving your search engine as well as the traffic on your blog page. 

Here are the most effective 7 steps which will help you to write an SEO friendly blog post-

  1. Do research before you write– 1st of all, you need to choose a topic followed by researching it. This is going to help you in analyzing the topic effectively. After a thorough understanding of the topic then you proceed with producing the quality content. By this, more users can stick to your content and also going to help you increase your rank in the search engines. 
  • Firstly you need to search for an effective keyword for your article.
  • Then go for the aggregation of all the relevant information regarding the topic.
  • Collect all the facts and figures on that topic.
  • Then conduct the research work and incorporate all the appropriate and optimized images on your blog.
  1. Analyze the content title before writing –After choosing the topic and conducting the research work, the blogger switches to making the blog visible to the people. This can be done by adding appropriate keywords to your blog. 

As per internet marketing, Manchester long-tail keywords should be preferred as they are easier to understand. Some other keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner can also be used, which will help you find the keywords and analyze the ranking. 

  1. Try to have a Catchy title for your blog– Titles are the only one which is displayed up in the search engine results. Try to mate the title catchy so that it can grab the attention of the customers. Conduct a research work and choose a title according to the people’s query. It would be better to write your title prefer starting from why, when, how, and so on. The title must be between 70-75 letters. 
  2. Include subheadings in your content– this is going to engage the readers in your content. A clumsy blog full of words might frustrate the readers, and they might skip reading the content. So it’s better to have a subheading in your entire content to give a direction to your readers and explain the complete overview of that blog. Try to make SEO and user-friendly heading by using H1, H2, and H3, up to H6.  
  3. Address a specific audience– Good corporate blog posts always target a set of a particular audience. So, before you proceed with writing the blog 1st of all, analyze for whom you are writing and what you are selling. 

Always write blog posts that target the specific needs of the decision-makers in this publishing industry. If you are writing for a web developer, don’t get too technical. Rather, keep it professional as you are insisting the buyers only know about the benefits of using your services. 

  1. Show, not tell them– Don’t ever try to pat yourself on the back in your blog posts. Let the customers visit your blog and find the value themselves in the content you will produce. Your aims should be on producing the content which will be built trust with your audience.
  2. Be useful and informativeSEO Manchester always tries to define a blog as a medium of educating the reader. If your blog posts are valuable and informative, you will receive a steady stream of repeated traffic. Before publishing, ask you if this content is helpful or informative. These questions will always serve you as a guide. 
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