How Safe Is The SHAREit App?

The SHAREit Group gives us the SHAREit app as a digital content platform, facilitating file transfer at lightning-fast speeds. SHAREit APK download and installation is a pretty straightforward process and allows you to enjoy high-speed file sharing right at your fingertips. 

Over time, this app has also emerged as a digital content platform that also hosts its mobile games with the game centre, among other things. You need not get any special registration or go through complex procedures to use SHAREit.

SHAREit has emerged as an excellent alternative for traditional file sharing methods like USB. 

For example, if you need to transfer your holiday pictures to your friends, as long as both phones have the app, you can make this transfer just about anywhere. Bluetooth is another popular method used for transferring files without the need for any USB or cable. However, SHAREit is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer speed. Due to its high speed of 20 MBPS, people worldwide favour the SHAREit app. 

SHAREit APK download is a straightforward process. You can get it from the official SHAREit Group or a trustworthy application store. Similarly, file sharing experience is also easy with the SHAREit app. Users can transfer various files, including audio, video, documents, and software. Devices that have this app installed will auto-detect each other up to an allowed distance and share files. 

Through this app, you may even be able to back up content from one device to the other easily. Android Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PC, iOS devices, and Mac OS X are compatible with SHAREit, and it doesn’t have any system restrictions. In addition, there is no internet connection needed to transfer files through the app. Therefore, it is usable in places where internet connectivity is shabby or weak.

How Safe is SHAREit?

Being free to use, the application SHAREit does attract its fair share of sceptics. Many people wonder whether or not SHAREit APK download, installation and use, are safe. The simple answer to this doubt would be that this extensively used application is secure for use. 

More than a billion people have downloaded SHAREit over the years, and this number keeps growing each day. The consistent growth in the popularity and use of the app is among the prime factors that underlie its security and convenience.

Here are a few pointers that particularly mark how SHAREit is safe to use:

● This application does not hinder your storage in any manner, nor can it access your files without explicit permission. Only after you have granted permission to the SHAREit app to access your files can the app do so.

● SHAREit is free from malware and viruses. Additionally, the bugs in the software are fixed with regular updates, enabling you to enjoy a seamless in-app experience.

  • SHAREit has partnered with Google to become the first peer to peer file sharing app. All the apps shared or downloaded via SHAREit platform also goes through an additional security check from Google, thus making it comletely free of any malwares.
  • SHAREit app doesn’t require a user to sign-in using the email or phone number to use the app and hence does not store any user data.

● SHAREit establishes a WPA secured Wi-Fi connection between devices whenever sharing a file. This safe hotspot-based connection allows for secure pipeline-type file transfers. Furthermore, as the entire system is encrypted, no malicious party would be able to steal your information.

● You can set your avatar that can work as an ID. You must always look at the ID of the other party before starting a file-sharing process.

Overall, SHAREit APK download is safe, and usage of the app is secure. Moreover, with the help of the WI-FI Direct file-sharing system, you get the chance to share files at a speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. SHAREit has grown into one of the most famous file-sharing applications in the world along with its plethora of digital content and high-quality mobile games with a game centre. SHAREit can be used for a number of purposes that benefit the user more than anybody.

To know more about SHAREit and how it can be used to total efficiency, you can check out their Twitter page for additional content by clicking here. Also, you can download SHAREit APK for free from the Google Play Store.

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