Etiquettes to be Followed at Kids Play Area in a Housing Society

Nowadays most housing societies come with kids’ play areas. It’s a thing now to make the community enjoyable enough for kids and the real estate developers in Jaipur strive to add many other facilities that appeal to people of all age groups.

But, as we see, these facilities are still new for the people of Jaipur, there are etiquettes we should know while using those with other people around.

For instance, if you are at the kids’ play area at your society and you face a weird situation which is a neighbor’s kid is enjoying the only swing in the area without a gap from the last 25 minutes. And you can’t see where his parents are.

The kid is not letting any other kid or even your own kid enjoy the swing. And on your side, you have asked him many times very politely to take turns with the other kids of society.

But the kid on the swing won’t lend you his ear and he doesn’t listen to you no matter what. On the other hand, the other kids see you as their savior and demand you to do justice with them i.e. help them to enjoy the swing as well.

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If that happens, then what would you do? Won’t you find yourself wondering that the kid’s parents should take responsibility and know some play area etiquette? The kids’ play area societies’ designs are always not the cleanest parts of the compound. They are always packed with sweat and dirt and sometimes, even grass or tree leaves.

And there’s no shame in that as that’s how a kid’s play area is supposed to be. And mostly the Indian mothers like to be there when their kid is playing in the kid’s play area. When you visit such an area in your society’s compound, there are some etiquettes which you should follow to appear wise.

1) Sanitization is Very Essential

While many countries are claiming themselves to be COVID-free, India is still struggling with the regularly-occurring cases. Considering that, the importance of sanitization can’t be overstated. As a parent, consider it your responsibility to sanitize your kid’s hands before he goes playing with other kids.

Moreover, if you can make the other parents aware of the need for sanitization in common places, especially the one always populated by kids, the need for sanitization escalates even further.

Covid shouldn’t be the only thing that prompts you to adhere to the habit of sanitization. This is a good habit and as many reputed Builders in Jaipur say, the habit of sanitization should remain even after the covid is gone.

2) Stay in Your Calm State

The one major difference between you and your kid is maturity. It’s common for kids to start a fight over a trivial matter and get angry. During these times, you should step ahead as a mature person and try to understand the concern of not only your kid but also the child he is fighting with.

Then, come up with a solution that deepens the friendship between both the kids and doesn’t leave anyone feeling suppressed. Slowly, all the kids of the society will start respecting you and come to you to solve their matters. Undoubtedly, the ability to be calm at all moments holds an amazing power within itself.

3) Take Responsibility for Your Child

Today, these are the days of online classes and kids don’t get enough time to play with their kids in the schools and interact with their teachers. Hence, staying for long hours makes them extremely bored. And the first chance they get to go out, they become a little too excited to go out of your hands.

They might try to do stunts like climbing or jumping from an upper space that may turn out to be harmful and dangerous for them. That’s why it’s your responsibility to look out for your kid without being too possessive or knocky and giving him enough freedom to play and enjoy around.


These were some etiquettes that would not only save your kid from unwanted diseases that come with a lack of sanitization and contact with germs in a common area, but at the same time, it will get you a recognization of an aware resident of the society.

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