Does 100% Cotton Shrink- Everything You Need to Know About it

When buying cotton clothing, especially t-shirts, what worries you the most is fabric getting shrunk. Generally, clothes are made up of jersey cotton. Jersey cotton t-shirts shrink about 3%. It depends on different materials, but good quality fabrics shrunk 3% on average. If you do not wash your cotton clothes like a t-shirt properly, they may get shrunk at a high rate. If the cloth is not pre-shrunk, it may shrink up to 20%. If you want to save your cotton clothing from getting shrunk, wash them in cold water. If you ask, “does 100% cotton shrink the answer may vary depending on the type of wash, the storage, and other factors. 

Washing and drying make a difference. 

The wash cycle of your cotton clothes and the washing method make a difference in how much they will shrink. If you want to intentionally shrink the cotton clothes a bit, use cold water. Otherwise, you can prefer normal water. Coldwater can shrink cotton fabrics naturally, and it is inevitable. So, while online shopping for men or women, you need to choose the size taking the shrink into consideration. 

When washing cotton clothes in a washing machine, use a gentle cycle and soft detergent to retain the original shape of the clothes. If you are washing heavily dirty clothes, use hot water. Cotton clothes can be hard to maintain at times. Some clothes also have washing guidelines on their tags. Follow them for a suitable wash. 

Quality cotton clothes are easy to wash, and they get less shrunk as compared to other fabrics. When shopping for stylish clothes for men or women, make sure not to compromise on the quality. There is a line of online stores with trendy clothes for men, but not all promise premium quality fabrics. Choose a well-known and popularly preferred store like Perk Clothing. They have a  range of collections in cotton clothing that do not get shrunk quickly.

Following their washing guidelines, you can enhance the life and quality of your clothes. 

How to prevent cotton from shrinking

100% cotton can shrink up to 5% that may bring your clothing to one size smaller. It is necessary to read the clothing labels and washing instructions to maintain their original state. Some cotton fabrics are even mixed with other materials to prevent them from shrinking. 

Proper caring for cotton

Does 100% cotton shrink? The answer to that is yes. If you want to keep the shrink away, take some simple steps while washing and drying them. Watch the label for washing instructions and never dry them thoroughly. Drying makes them shrink over time. After washing, prefer to hang them straight to let them air dry. If you like washing your cotton clothes in hot water, turn them inside out to prevent them from fading. Also, clean any stains with regular water before putting them in the machine. Hot water can set certain stains. 

Shop best quality cotton and ensure the best care to ensure minimal shrinking.

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