Read These Awesome Hacks to Store Colored Paper Bags if You Are Cleaning Geek

All of us are obsessed with one thing or the other. Some of us are obsessed with maintaining a color theme for the whole house, while others like to keep it all colorful. Some do not pay much attention to how things are organized until they are clean, while others look for ways to manage every little thing in their house. If you are one of them, we know how it feels. The biggest piles in the house are the toughest to organize.  The story is the same with colored paper bags. You get one of those every other day. The increasing awareness towards the environment has encouraged many stores to replace plastic bags with paper bags. They are reusable and recyclable. Whenever you get a paper bag, especially the ones with handles, you tend to store them for your next use. The house ends up with a pile of paper bags. If it annoys you, we have got perfect ways to organize and store them. Read them below. 

Bungee cords to the rescue

Paper bags can be stored cleanly and in place using bungee cords or wire extension springs. Under your closet, attach two cup hooks on the top of its door. Keep a distance of four inches between them. Similarly, install two more at the bottom of the door, such that the hooks on top are parallel to them.  Also, make sure that the door of your closet is thick enough. Attach a bungee cord or long spring to your cup hooks vertically on both sides. Fold the paper bags and slide them between the cords. It will keep your colored paper bags neatly attached to the door. 

Use step file organizers. 

The step file organizers your office uses to stack files are not just helpful there. It can work wonders if you use them in kitchen cabinets or screw them to walls. Use those organizers in your home and keep paper bags in between the sections. One of their most significant advantages is that you can organize paper bags according to their colors. Keep all the white paper bags in one section and white bags in another. What can be more satisfying?

Binder Clips

Use binder clips and hooks to hang your paper bags. See a convenient place in your house, probably inside the closet. Attach the hooks to the wall inside the cupboard and hang all the paper bags with handles there. These hooks are also great to keep all the colors organized. Hang black paper bags on one hook, white on another, and other colors on other hooks. 

These were some of our favorite and easiest ways to organize paper bags. If you have got a lot of them, these tips might be helpful. The benefit is that paper bags are not too heavy and they can be hung easily. Even if you have adhesive hooks, they will work for colored paper bags. Use these tips and get the relief of an organized home. 

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