Afghan cuisine is not very well-known outside its borders, but it boasts some truly unique flavours. The best way to experience them for yourself is to visit one of the countless Afghani restaurants in Dubai!


The kababs at Afghani House are the absolute winners. You can enjoy a variety of delicious, authentic dishes like the Afghan mutton tikka and Kofta cooked on footlong skewers. The dinner is an experience in itself. Their majlis dining room gives the authentic feel of Afghan.

The restaurant is family-friendly, and it serves afternoon tea as well, which guests can enjoy in its outdoor seating, or they could opt for the takeaway service to bring food home with them.


Come to Al Kabab Al-Afghani, and relish a tasty meal with recipes that have been in the family for generations. The restaurant was established by an Afghani community in Dubai who lived there for more than two decades. The platter of fluffy rice, spiced cumin and cardamom paired tender lamb shanks topped off by almonds and carrots are sure to hit the spot! For an appetizer, we recommend their Kadu Borani: it’s a flatbread stuffed pumpkin. Bite into its warm doughy exterior while enjoying all those spices from inside, and the best part is: It’s crunchy on the top!

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It is quite an old restaurant that serves authentic Afghan food. Signature dishes include Afghan Polow with Seekh Boti and Daal Maash – both of which feature basmati rice prepared in different ways: One made from carrots and nuts; another slow-cooked lentils with soft Afghani bread.

The menu also features dishes such as Nayaab Handi, Khameeri Roti and Peshawari Karahi, which all have unique flavours to offer you amidst other favourites like Bukhari mix grill or an Afghani buffet called “Chaand Raat” every week!


Todd’s English Food Hall is a one-stop for Afghani food lovers. Starters include Afghan Saganaki: an oven-baked Kasrod cheese, garlic and seasoned tomato sauce served with Afghani bread and Kabuli Pulao. For Kabuli Pulao, the rice is cooked with fresh vegetables, nuts, raisins and spices – and it’s a winner to afghan aficionados.

The highlight of these recipes is the Loghmeh kabab – grilled chicken that’s marinated in yoghurt and cooked perfectly before being served with some tomato sauce on top for extra flavour! Depending on preference, you can also order Ashak, which are fluffy dumplings made out of dough filled with vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes mixed with spices such as cinnamon sugar. 


If you’re looking for a restaurant with exquisite food and welcoming interiors, then look no further than this gem in the city. The must-try dishes include their tender chapli kababs, manto soup with turnip greens or parsley root; if meat isn’t your thing, go ahead and order one without any Nuggets. You won’t regret it either way since these luscious dumplings are stuffed full of deliciousness.

Next time you want to eat Afghani food, try one of these Afghani restaurant in Dubai!

You will fall in love with the delicacies just like the Afghans!

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