Behavioural Dog Training: Learn Different Type Of Training Methods

There are so many behavioural dog training methods available. This is one primary reason why it might be daunting to select which one is the most suitable for your dog. If you are anyone who finds it daunting and puzzling, you are not the only one. Even in the professional dog training industry, every other day there is a discussion on which method is apt, ethical, and effective. In addition to this, they discuss which method can overlap the other one, and which one provides the best outcomes. Hence, below mentioned are some of the most famous dog training methods used by most of the trainers presently. So, start reading them without any further delay.

Topmost dog training methods to know

  • Positive Reinforcement:

    This is one famous method for dog behavior training. The method was first used by a trainer named Sylvia Stasiewicz. This one is a very famous trainer who trained the dog of Obama. The main aim of this method is very precise. It is said that the dog will be behaving in the right manner if he/she is given a reward. However, bad behavior is not considered as a punishment. If there is something that needs to be fixed, it happens with the help of a reward including a treat or toy. There is absolutely no need for any harsh punishment or behavior towards the dog. Positive reinforcement needs consistency. All the family members have to make use of the same commands and rewards. Hence, you can get started with a treat every time your dog behaves nicely. Then, with time move towards more rewards and see if the behavior of your dog is improving. This dog behavior training method is very simple and suitable if you practice regularly.


  • Scientific Training:

    This one maybe a bit difficult to explain as it completely depends on information that is taking place and changing with time. The method’s motive is to understand the ability of the dog. In addition to this, it also focuses on punishments and rewards. There is no denying the fact that different behaviors of animals are creating new experiments and studies. Both of them are known to understand a dog in the right manner. Most dog trainers depend on these studies in order to train a dog. Thus, before a dog is trained, it is crucial to understand what he/she needs to learn. Some scientific dog trainers feel that a dog can be trained without any treats and rewards whereas others don’t.


  • Clicker Training:

    This method is also dependent on operant conditioning. For most of the part, it is somewhat similar to positive reinforcement. There are some dog trainers who make use of positive reinforcement and clicker training together. In this method, a dog needs to understand that a click means a treat or reward. At last a command can be given or introduced to them.

These are some of the best behavioural dog training techniques. If you are opting for any one of them, see which is the most suitable one.

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