A career in human resource management – Deep insights

Do you love working in a team and making sure your team members have all the required resources they need to perform at their best? Are you a student who loves to encourage others and think of ways to make their life or work easier? Then a qualification in human resource management might be apt for you.

Working in HR is rewarding and challenging. Before you take the next step and apply for a qualification in this field, you should first understand what it’s like to work in this area.

What is human resource management?

Human resource management focuses on principles, technologies, and methods that are used to improve the organization’s productivity. HR specialists achieve this through policies and strategies that increase the effectiveness of employees. There are several focus areas in human resources such as:

  • Staffing and recruiting
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Learning and training
  • Labor and employee relations
  • Organizational development

Depending on company size and an individual’s role, his or her tasks might focus on one or multiple areas.

Key tasks and responsibilities in human resources

The following are the most common tasks performed by HR departments:

  • Recruit candidates: HR needs to evaluate the market, manage budgets and consult stakeholders to hire the right candidates for a particular job role. Recruiting is costly, and is a massive undertaking, only the right candidate can revitalize an entire firm, but a wrong one can upend operations.
  • Maintain employee records:This is mandatory by law so that employers can identify HR skill gaps to help with analyzing demographic data, hiring process, and more. They also have personal details such as emergency contacts of employees.
  • Performance appraisal: This is a practice of assessing employee work and providing feedback about their performance. Performance measurement is vital both for the company and individuals for they are the data used in promotions, salary increases, and training for employees lacking the skills required.

Other responsibilities

  • Ensure that taxes are properly calculated and deducted on every pay period
  • Ensure transparency and good flow of communication
  • Evaluate and design strategies to increase employee retention
  • Maintain the organization’s culture
  • Help employees identify their weaknesses and strengths

Qualities required in every HR professional

Here are some important qualities HR professionals must have:


HR students seeking to pursue a career in the human resource field need strong problem-solving abilities so that they can make the right call in every situation and act fast to avert a crisis.

Talented multitasker

Multitasking is a must for professionals in this field to keep up with different responsibilities that can arise throughout the day without prior notice. These professionals will require wearing many hats and staying on track with their everyday duties.

Take risks

HR professionals often land in situations where they need to trust their gut and take risks when it comes to implementing new human resource initiatives or hiring new talent. These professionals may have to take a leap of faith and also treat failures as an opportunity to work on them for further improvements.

Strong ethics

HR team handles confidential and sensitive business, and employee information every day. They are responsible for keeping information securely to prevent it from falling into wrong hands. You have to be well aware of these terms and work with IT teams to make sure your security practices are up to date and your team is aware of security risks and phishing scams.

Academic qualifications required

Generally, a degree or diploma in human resource management or a related field such as commerce, business management, and industrial or labor relations, is required. However, these days, employers prefer hiring HR students or students from other related field who have earned HR certifications.

Various institutions offer HR certifications which are highly beneficial for potential professionals who seek to work in this field. Some of the advantages of earning these certifications are:

  • Hands-on training with the latest software and tools in the human resource industry that helps in improving financial performance, increasing employee engagement, and more.
  • A competitive edge added to the company as the professionals make better strategies keeping in mind the business goals
  • A smart way to sway a recruiter’s decision in the favor of the candidate as they are validations to your knowledge and businesses these days need people who can embark upon creative and new ideas.
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