3 Major Causes of Genophobia

A lot of us get very shy when someone is mentioning sex or sex-related stuff to us. But have you seen people who run away or try to change the topic when they are in a conversation where sex and intercourse are involved? Well, they are suffering from a condition, fear of intercourse, or genophobia. 

According to the best sexologist in Multan, genophobia is the feeling of extreme fear or terror felt by people when someone mentions sex or intercourse to them.  A sudden panic attack or an intense fear takes over people when someone tries to show them physical intimacy. A person can also have general anxiety about the first time having sex but if you see anyone getting that fearful just by the name of sex, do let them know that they have this phobia, and it’s no big deal. 

Symptoms usually felt during this fear are not like general anxiety or fear these involve proper psychological reactions. Let’s have a look at them:

  • People keep avoiding this situation and when it occurs they freak out.
  • The fears keep getting worse till the trigger isn’t removed.
  • There is an inability or helplessness to control the symptoms are the triggers.
  • Controlling the triggers makes you even more disturbed. 
  • Nausea, trembling, shivers, uncontrolled heartbeats, excessive sweating, and the urge to run away. 
  • Recurring thoughts of the intercourse before it’s about to happen. 

Major Causes

Past Experiences

The major causes are not always diseases. These can be other factors that are not even close to a disease. These include your upbringing your surrounding where you had tour brought up. Most of these fears are built up when we belong to a house where there are religious restrictions. The upbringing that happens in a home where it is taken to ego whenever a topic related to sex is brought up also impacts your mind.

In most cases, parents don’t even educate their kids about sex and when they find out they think it is something unusual or painful that incorporated this fear into them. Unpleasant events that occurred in the past play a major role too, people who have been in abusive relationships or marriages in the past (PTSD) have a high chance of developing genophobia. Those who come across rape cases or sexual abuse by a stranger are the ones developing this fear in them the most.  

Body Shame

In today’s world because of social media and the rise of supermodels on Instagram pages, women and men are both very conscious when it comes to their bodies. The unrealistic expectations have caused a number of issues in relationships as well. Where one partner is so much scared of being judged on their body that they don’t feel comfortable and try to avoid sexual intercourse because of this fear of being judged on their body being a certain way. 

Some of the individuals get so conscious about their bodies that they keep on taking out flaws from a perfect body. This severe body shame gives birth to two phobias, one is genophobia and the other one is dysmorphia (constant thoughts of a flawed body). 

Performance Anxiety

One of the most random but major causes is the fear of performing well during the time of sex. This is mainly because of the lack of experience. For most people being a virgin is the biggest issue, however, there is nothing wrong to wait as long as one needs to. 

A number of health issues also scare people. Some people get really scared of getting STDs even when they use contraception properly.  For some, when their body has already been exposed to STDs even after getting treated properly they have this fear of catching the STD again which triggers genophobia in them badly. 


Sex is not always about having fun, it is a huge trigger for those with genophobia. Try and explain to your peers or friends if they are feeling the above-mentioned issues or the symptoms. These fears always originate because of some solid backing, so keep consulting your sexologist in order to work on this fear. These fears go away once to work on them and try to get over them rather than them getting over your mind and head.  

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