The Importance of a Pre-Employment Screening for Employers

Employers are only responsible for hiring qualified candidates. And, just as they have a responsibility to hire qualified employees, they also have a responsibility to ensure that their workplace is safe and free from discrimination. Pre-employment screening ensures that the employer has an opportunity to find out more about their new hire before they make the decision to hire them. It’s important for employers to conduct pre-employment screenings because it can positively impact recruitment and retention efforts. Here are some of the benefits that come with the use of pre-employment screening

The importance of pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening is an invaluable tool to aid in the assessment of the overall potential of a new employee. It can often reveal much about a candidate’s potential to work in a certain role and help eliminate undesirable candidates from the hiring process. It can also help to understand a new candidate’s overall character so that the employer can have a clear understanding of how the candidate will behave in a work environment. Pre-employment screening increases the chances of the employer identifying and selecting the best candidate for the role. As a result, the probability that the candidate will be successful increases.

What are the benefits of pre-employment screening?

Employers get a chance to see how candidates respond to work, how they interact with co-workers, and how they manage stress. It allows an employer to determine their employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and future career potential. It serves as a resume builder to show what a candidate can do and gain experience. It also allows an employer to compare candidates, but the process is time-consuming. It shows how much a candidate has accomplished in their lives. Are pre-employment screenings required by law? Yes, employers are legally required to perform a pre-employment screening. And, more and more laws are being passed by state governments all over the country. For example, in New York, all employers with more than 11 employees must screen for drug and alcohol use.

How do you perform a pre-employment screening?

Why use a pre-employment screening? Why should employers use a pre-employment screening? Why should employers use a pre-employment screening? Pre-employment screenings may be done through an employment application form, résumé, or by sending questionnaires. The most common forms of screenings include: Personality Diligence Job Skills Integrity Age So what kind of questions should you include on a pre-employment screening form? Q: Did you ever miss a date with your girlfriend, husband, or partner? A: What is your greatest weakness? Q: Have you ever stolen anything or lied about something? A: Do you think you are honest? Q: What was the last CD you bought or downloaded? A: What are your thoughts about capital punishment?

What does it take to conduct a successful pre-employment screening?

Before conducting a screening, employers should always assess if the task is important enough for them to spend their time and resources on. Also, they should make sure that they have the right tools to conduct the screening. In fact, they should check whether the applicant is eligible to work in the job position. If this is not the case, it is advisable that they should do the screening early. Pre-employment screenings tools may include A worker certification and background check tool. An applicant screening tool. A credit check tool. A reference check tool. An alcohol screening tool. If the employer fails to conduct a proper pre-employment screening, it is likely that they will find themselves unprepared to handle an issue that could occur in their workplace.


There’s no such thing as having a perfect or perfect company. What’s important is to understand the employer’s or the employee’s expectations. Employers must be aware of what’s expected of them and make adjustments as needed. While every organization has its own set of requirements, you can rest assured that an organization that hires only the best employees will be rewarded by their loyal and hardworking employees.

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