Hiring Divorce Lawyers for a Quick or a Contested Divorce

You can get or file for three different kinds of divorce in Ontario. Divorces you have the right to file for or get in Ontario include contested, uncontested, and joint divorce. Uncontested or a quick divorce is what spouses prefer, and even divorce lawyers recommend. Nonetheless, if the reason for divorce is hostility between the parties in relationships, uncontested divorce is a right. However, the following question may come to spouses’ minds: Do they need a lawyer for contested/uncontested divorce types? In this post, we shall answer you whether to hire or not hire a divorce lawyer to end a marriage.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer for a Quick Divorce:-

A quick divorce means spouses want to end their relationships amenably. Hence, spouses will not have any disagreements concerning their divorce settlement in an uncontested divorce. Moreover, a quick divorce is an inexpensive and faster option for the parties to terminate their marriage. However, spouses should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in an uncontested divorce, owing to the following reasons:

  1. Paperwork: A divorce attorney can guide spouses about all divorce paperwork. An attorney can tell the separating parties where & how to submit divorce papers and related documents. Additionally, a divorce lawyer can aid spouses with the right guidance to ensure they handle their paperwork faster. Hence, the guidance of the divorce attorney about the paperwork speed up the divorce process. Consequently, spouses have a divorce and separate permanently through a quick divorce & attorney’s assistance.
  1. Mediation: Usually, spouses agree on family-related matters linked with a divorce in an uncontested divorce. Nonetheless, spouses may not agree upon a certain matter related to a divorce. In that case, hiring a divorce lawyer can aid spouses in resolving their differences. A family (divorce) lawyer understands family law and divorce cases better. Hence, his/her guidance can aid spouses to agree on a disputing matter concerning their divorce.

Hence, spouses should hire divorce lawyers, even if they choose an uncontested divorce.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer for a Contested Divorce:-

A contested divorce involves many complications. One of the spouses may not want to divorce the other spouse. Or, important family matters, such as alimony and property division, may avert the spouses to agree with. Of course, parties in relationships (marriages) have the right to file for or get a contested divorce. Yet, this divorce can take more than a year, or even more, owing to conflicts between the parties. Nonetheless, if one of the spouses has not been treated fairly by the other spouse, contested divorce becomes an option. 

Hiring a divorce attorney in a contested divorce can help spouses who have serious issues with their partners. Consequently, they want to have a divorce for good reasons. A divorce attorney is an expert at divorce and family law. Thus, relying on a divorce attorney is the right thing for victimized spouses to do to ensure a divorce. Nonetheless, a contested divorce is a lengthy process. Hence, an attorney would charge more for his/her services in a contested divorce. Still, the involvement of an attorney in a contested divorce simplifies complications. Although, lawyers don’t favour spouses to opt for this option. Yet, this divorce requires many legal complications that an attorney can resolve lawfully for their clients who choose this option. Hence, hiring an attorney is crucial for victimized spouses to ensure they get their legal rights with a contested divorce.

Whether you want to get or file for a contested or an uncontested divorce, an attorney can guide you rightfully. Hence, hiring a divorce lawyer should matter to spouses, no matter which divorce type they choose.


Usually, there are three kinds of divorce, including uncontested, contested, and joint divorce. Uncontested (quick) divorce does not involve disagreements between spouses regarding  divorce settlements. Thus, a spouse may proceed with this divorce without a lawyer. Nonetheless, hiring a divorce attorney for an uncontested divorce can aid spouses efficiently with divorce paperwork and settlements. On the other hand, victimized spouses will always feel the need for legal assistance in a contested divorce. Hence, hiring divorce lawyers should always matter to spouses whether they choose a quick or a contested divorce. Last but not least, it is important to examine a divorce lawyer’s credibility before you hire one for a divorce.

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