The wildest and aspiring hike in India Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is one of the most formidable hikes in India, a whole new world. A unique place on earth, an unforgettable experience, this icy river ride is every hiker and explorer’s wish list.

 The frozen banks of the Zanskar valley are a nesting paradise for all those who like to travel long distances. So whether it’s your first hike or a well-trained nature explorer, this is a comprehensive guide for tourists and tourists from all over the world to conduct an annual “Chadar Trek“.

Chapter Chadar Trek or Zanskar Canyon is a winter road with an altitude of 11,123 meters, located in the Zanskar district of Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, India. Traditionally, in the cold winter, this is the only way to travel and explore this icy trail in the area. On the frozen Zanskar River, it looks like a piece of ice in the local language, which is why it is called Chadar, and you will enjoy this chilling experience on foot.

 But it certainly doesn’t look like a river all year round. This place is also a beautiful summer tourist destination, and it is a good option for those who cannot survive the harsh weather conditions of the site. In summer, tourists often enjoy the stunning scenery offered by river rafting tours. Chapter

 How Long Is The Walk?

 Zanskar Rafting Adventure is one of the highest, most exotic, and remote river trips in the world. It begins in Remala and ends near Leh in Nimu. So the next time you visit Leh in the summer, don’t miss the chance to raft down the beautiful River.

 The hike is about 105 miles (105 kilometers), daunting and arduous. A hiking trail takes an average of 15 to 17 kilometers a day, and when you hike most of the time, you may also need to climb beautiful rocks and boulders. Let us tell you something terrible, so you have to spend the night in a frozen cave and you have to spend a day on the ice cap. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Yes, it is! Yes, it is! It’s just…

 What’s the weather like?

 Due to the winter weather conditions, this trail is very difficult and gloomy. The temperature in winter drops from 30°C to 35°C, and there is not much relief during the day. In view of these very distressing situations, it is always wise to fully understand these situations wisely instead of extending your ability to the point of survival danger. Chapter

 Why are you so famous?

 Hiking is not just a trip for adventure lovers! Travelers get lost in the right direction to find out who they are, and this is what this hike has to offer! Chadar’s trek is pushing people’s lives all the time. They are given a new life every day. The spirit of adventure and excitement is not just a regular trip.

 After the most difficult challenge, Chadar Trek will make you full of vitality and a new look. When we walk the impossible road and spend the night in the frozen cellar, all of which can see the most magnificent place on earth! This place is a place for hikers and travelers as well as tourists. Hiking is a popular adventure on frozen rivers, attracting amateurs and professional hikers from all over the country and the world. Therefore, this adventure does not discriminate against everyone.

 Now that we understand the basics of this place, it’s time to answer real questions and help you plan this adventure in real-time.

 When is the best time for Chadar?

 The hike generally begins in late December and ends in early January. Hiking is the most difficult in India and it is also the dream of all walkers. The temperature stayed below freezing for almost every month. But this is also the best time to interact with the locals because there are few tourists.

 The best time to walk is from January 15th to the end of February. The scenery is amazing, the cold has passed, and the scenery will surely get rid of the fatigue of the day. February is colder than January, so if you want to hike Chadar but not in January, February is also an option. The cold weather is better than January, which is definitely a bonus for some locals also opening a shop.

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