Unique Craft Ideas Using Window Boxes

The packaging industry has seen a lot of advancements in the past few years. With these innovations, packaging solutions have become more reliable and presentable. One of the most presentable packaging solutions is window boxes that are used to grab the attention of the buyers while the product is still inside the package. These containers are like regular boxes. But they have a slot at the top or on the side of the packages that let the buyers see what is inside them. Many online packaging companies provide such containers for manufacturers of different products. They get these containers in a customized form to perfectly hold their products. But that is not all about these cartons as they can be reused for multiple purposes after a slight modification.

Following are some of the most suitable ideas for such cartons to be reused using the do it your own also known as DIY methods.

Make A Piggy Bank

Developing the habit of saving money in kids is an art and this art is much needed nowadays. The window boxes can be used for this purpose after making a few alterations. Close the bottom of the box with strong adhesive tape but before tapping it, do not forget to add a layer of cardboard or Kraft stock so that the bottom of the box becomes stronger. Add tape to other sides of the container that can be opened and make a hole at the top of the box to drop money into the box. This trick is useful for parents that have more than one kid. As they can make a couple of such piggy banks and ask the kids to collect more money by the end of the semester. Lure them with getting a reward of the same amount the kid will collect in the given time.

Candle Containers

Candles are fragile items, yet they need to be seen by the customers when they are placed in a store and by the guests when they are at home. They are used on several occasions as well as making the environment romantic and dreamy when two lovers are on a date or having dinner at home. The candle boxes with windows do the job perfectly well. As they can hold the fragile item with extreme care and at the same time, make them visible to the persons present at a place.

With a few alterations, the window on the box can be used as a candle stand as well. The setting can be made more mystic by using colored sheets on the custom boxes with a clear window. These casings are perfect for an outdoor environment where the candles can be blown out by the wind, but these casings can save them from blowing out.

Make An Art Chest

Kids, as well as adults, love to do artwork but one thing that becomes a real challenge for art lovers is to keep the art tools. Especially colors and brushes, at a safe and secure place. The white window box packaging is a perfect solution for such problems. The plain white surface of these casings can be marked with the color that is being kept inside. Also, the window on the carton makes it easier for art lovers to see and identify their required tool or color without opening all the casings one by one. Such art chests also help to carry the tools and colors in an organized way, especially for the kids when they have to take things out.

Fashionable Stationery Containers

Another beneficial use of these cartons with windows is to make trendy and stylish cases for stationery items. Such items are hard to keep in an organized manner because they are small in size so they can easily be misplaced. But not if they are kept in a casing that is dedicated for this purpose. Although there are stationery boxes available in the market, why spend money on them when you can make a presentable casing at home. The window gift boxes wholesale can be used for this purpose as they are cheaper and safe to reuse over and over again. Other than the gift packages, the Kraft box packaging can also be used. They are made of strong and heavy-duty Kraft stock that can withstand scratches and shocks.

Display Decoration Piece In A Secure Way

There are many decoration pieces that are of fragile nature, and they need to be kept safe, yet they are meant to be displayed. To counter this problem, the custom retail packaging window boxes can be proved helpful. As they come in customized size and shape and can protect the items from dust and shocks while they are displayed at home or the store. Many customized shapes such as pillow boxes with window and hexagon boxes are available in this type of packaging. They can contain the items perfectly well according to their nature and shape. Such casings are usually manufactured with Kraft packaging material that is well known for its durability and reliability all over the world.

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