Campsites near Bangalore

Known as India’s IT hub, Bangalore is perfect for a relaxing stay. However, due to rapid living and hectic work plans, long journeys are always lacking! Although the cafeteria and luxury resorts remain in the heart of the lush green surroundings, camping is on the rise in Bangalore!

The art of camping is to mix nature with the monotony of earthly life. Bangalore is still in search of fast getaways due to the mind-boggling traffic and fast speeds of life. It could be tough to find a laid-back job in this IT city but not a weekend break. There are hills and lush forests all over the outskirts of the ‘Silicon Valley’ Indian, offering various break options.

It makes complete sense to take a camping trip with friends or family with all safety precautions and social distancing requirements. You should only pack a dormant bag and spend a few nights in the night sky in order to get younger. No need to invest in a hotel, and no need to verify if a hotel, resort, or residence is in compliance with impeccable protocols on safety and hygiene. A tent is your low-cost ticket to beautiful places. The star look is also accessible.

Six Famous Campsite near Bangalore


It is one of the locations where the cult movie Sholay was shot. It has a spectacular view on all four sides. Because of its solid topography and stubborn landscape, Ramanagara adventure camp is an adrenaline-junky hotspot. You can either enjoy the view throughout the whole day or walk under the stars for a peaceful night. Situated 50 km from Bangalore, this idyllic destination is even more charming due to its proximity to town.


The picturesque Savandurga has situated about 70 km from the city. The Ramanagara-Magadi Road is famous for its granite cliffs and ample adventure potential. The place, consisting of hills Bilidurga and Kali Durga, has historic significance from the period of the Hoysala Empire. Savandurga’s monolithic hill is a close-to-perfect campsite with views of the village and the bay. The hills can be explored. Trekking, rappelling, crossing high seams are some of your adventures.


Sakleshpur is an enticing location for campers with a view of lush green west Ghats in the backdrop. A picturesque setting with meadows and hills filled with coffee plantations at a distance of around 220 Km from Bangalore. It is one of the world’s 18 exotic wildlife areas, spread over a wide area. Sakleshpur is a major location. It is a place to camp and wakes up to the breathtaking view. These nebulous hills are the perfect location for walking, cycling, and safaris.

Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is a little hill close to Mysore’s Pandavapura area. It’s a long drive from Bangalore at a distance of approximately 130 km. Once you’ve reached the base of Kunti Betta, climb a staircase before you embark on the actual path to the summit. The hills are almost free of wildlife and a naked mountain with little trees or springs on the way. Almost anywhere you can set up your tent and wake up to a wonderful sunrise view.

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Set at the foot of the attractive mountains of Nilgiri, Masinagudi is an ecological paradise. The small slope station in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is situated on the frontier of Mudumalai National Park. It is the longest destination on the list at a distance of 245 km. This country of hills, woodland, and streams host many endangered flora and fauna species is a long panoramic journey away. One can camp at any quaint spot of choice and wake up with beautiful views of the sun rays working their way through the trees accompanied by a bird call. You can stay here at a treehouse, too.


Doddamakali is located at the banks of the Cauvery River and a peaceful escape from the turmoil of the region. Doddamakali offers lovely meadows and a small beach on the banks of the river 130 km from Bangalore and 6 km from the fishing camp of Bheemeshwari. For those who love to be amidst the wilderness, this is an untapped paradise. The region is an excellent place to look at birds and even for nice night fire.

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