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I Had Nothing but Potatoes for 3 Days: Here Is What Happens

Searching a Fad-diet

I am not just one for trend diet plans. Just as somebody who’s always looking into nourishment to the reply to feeling fabulous and (preferably ) also wearing a six-pack, a “diet” isn’t exactly what I’d imply. It’s about your lifestyle; our bodies respond differently, however human facets aside, I am comfortable making the sweeping statement that everybody should eat an assortment of primary whole out of sound sources. The world we live in comes with a large amount of preference. We ought to benefit from the. It won’t mean you’ve got to consume only organic veggies (or just beef, a la that the Carnivore diet), or you also can’t like a piece of cake or alternative cure once in a while. Balance is crucial.

My friend said concerning the “Potato Hack,” I instantly replied with scorn. That isn’t very wise. I barely wore potatoes in my usual diet plan. Eating simply potatoes seemed absurd and unhealthy, comparable to this Cajun lemonade juice daily diet which has been the rage a couple of short years ago.

I then did this research, and surprisingly, it was interesting enough to me I decided to test it for a couple of days. All in the name of mathematics, naturally.

The one thing is, I was coping with plenty of problems lately, likely originating from anxiety in the previous couple of weeks. I’m lousy sleep, dreadful gut health, fatigue, and acne breakouts. I thought it might do something great for me to test out something brand new. Particularly interesting was that the hack promise of stressing the gut had been enough to win me.

A Couple of things I want to do:

It is possible that ingestion of anybody kind of wholefood, make sure it rice or eggs spinach, would leave several exactly the exact outcomes. In reality, that the keto community includes something referred to as the “egg fast” that promotes a nearly new fat-based diet for a couple of days.

Eating in this manner for a lifestyle wouldn’t be healthy. While incredibly healthy, potatoes do not comprise all of the nutrition that you require for optimal wellness.

My goal wasn’t fat reduction, but alternatively, a reset to get the own gut. I was somewhat fearful of losing strength/muscle; however, I guessed three days could be acceptable.

Listed here are the essential rules: Eat ONLY potatoes for some time of 35 days. No more fat/oils are enabled (it is perhaps not a French-fry diet), no ketchup or condiments, and just minimal seasoning. Read the potato diet plan


I purchased 1 3 lbs of sausage to your diet, comprising various natural reddish, yellow and russet potatoes. The first day was a Sunday, and that I fasted until roughly two pm. Subsequently, I cut down a couple of those celeries in two and then boiled them in water with a pinch of salt. It was my first all-potato meal. Strange, but in general, not harmful. I just had a little plate also got starving half an hour after.

I tried baking several russet potato” chips” without the fat. They proved pleasing, but they stuck into the wax newspaper that I had been cooking them. I tried another batch using a tiny smidge of grass-fed butter oil in the newspaper, and it functioned. Dinner was served two tablespoons’ worth. This meal has been extra unsatisfying as my husband opted to sit close to me eating a Five Men cheeseburger and REAL fries because of their meal. Cruel.

About one hour or so after, I’d say In Tense craving for whatever aside from potatoes. This atmosphere prevailed. However, it had been a wonderful reminder that it was not planning to be a simple number of days.


For Break-Fast, I squeezed a russet potato and made Hashbrowns at a skillet free of oil. I was fearful that these were planning to stick, but they did turn out crisp and gold. I ate them with pepper and salt and wanted I had the time for you to earn more.

I attracted a container of those chopped potatoes to consume lunch on the job. I ate them in two batches, however, sensed that a shortage of energy. I desired to sort outside but might bring myself to walk the elliptical for 25 minutes. I wouldn’t say I liked the sensation of despair and fatigue.

By dinner, then, potatoes had been the final thing that I wished to consume. I tried to spare some effort by pulsing a curry into my vita-mix to earn more hash-browns; however, the balls had been inconsistent and began to stick into the pan. Overall not so satisfying. I oven-roasted a couple more potatoes. The term curry was beginning to frighten me personally. Later moved into the refrigerator and took out a container of boiled onions to get a bite, along with also my husband asked when I had been quitting. I looked down and realized I’d unintentionally (subconsciously?) Taken a container of leftover spaghetti alternatively. Oops.


I slept great and awakened, feeling far more energetic compared to the previous two days. Amazing! I smooshed several boiled potatoes into horizontal rounds into panfry (without oil), such as breakfast. Frankly, maybe not awful. My gut has been feeling that a great deal easier too.

I took the others of my leafy potatoes to do the job. They did maybe not look yummy in any way. I almost glamorized them into seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, Cajun seasoning), something that you are not designed to complete with this particular diet to discourage overeating. I guessed that is fine because, as of this time, I did not wish to eat some of it. The seasoning was only there to receive them down my neck.

I was astonished at the total amount of energy I’d after being at a caloric deficit for two days eating just…ugh…potatoes.

I felt as though I’d like more head-space, though, because I was no more thinking in my second meal. I realized I dedicated plenty of time for you to contemplating food. Maybe I experienced an issue, and it was solved with ugh…potatoes.

I’d intended to push on this particular diet for a few days; however, I recalled we’d made plans to eat dinner outside with a pal on Day Four. Perfect explanation to finish my self-imposed torture.

Therefore by the end of this very day, I had been considering what I’d do to break my potato-only fast. I guessed that my curing belly would panic when I unexpectedly introduced a lot of meat and at into the equation as far as I wanted a thin, juicy rib-eye. I decided to pre-soak a plate of yogurt in vanilla milk to oatmeal the morning after. Only the notion of this had been exciting.


HALLELUJAH! I didn’t need to find a different curry for some time. I had a fantastic night’s sleep as well as a lot of energy. I ran out of bed to make my plate of oatmeal plain using a dab of cinnamon. Dumbest oatmeal.

For lunch, I left myself a few white rice and also a spoonful of steamed vegetables. Again, most valuable vegetables.


I was amazed at the total amount of energy I had and also the positive consequences on my gut and sleep health. I honestly lost about a pound a half; that will be significant for me; however, it also may not justify much consideration. I could see how someone having some body weight loss aims would locate some success on this particular diet program. Follow all potato diet rules to lose weight.

But I’d not try that diet for over a day or two. A person demands a more protracted amount, and of course, more great vitamins compared to potatoes may provide. It’s hard emotionally, which I would state has a very destructive influence on your general health. Plus, I guess the 9 lbs of potatoes that I have included quite a significant calorie shortage. There is not any way I’d be in a position to build muscular, aside from exercise how I desired to, on this diet plan.

In general, it had been an enjoyable experiment. Your system is continually surprising, and it is much of the reason health and fitness are this kind of fire for me personally. A good dumb-sounding diet could have any results — do not take action to get a year such as this dude, ok? You won’t have the ability to work out before work daily.

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